Coach Harry Keywell (45. Australia), who was appointed as the head coach of Yokohama Marinos in the J-League in Japan this year, publicly shot the judges.

According to Japanese media ‘Football Zone’ on the 4th, Coach Kiwell said at a press conference shortly after the home game (0-0 draw) against Kawasaki Frontale the previous day, “Is it really okay to leave it as it is?” and “If the J League aims to be a global league, there is something that must be changed.”

Yokohama had no win (one draw and one loss) for two consecutive games due to the draw on the day. It dropped to 14th place in the league with two wins, one draw and two losses (seven points). In the match against Kawasaki, Brazil’s opponent team striker Marcinho, who entered as a substitute in the second half, exited the match, and gave the team the upper hand in number, but failed to score a goal.

Throughout the match, Kiwell expressed dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision. When Japanese media brought up the topic of refereeing right after the match, Kiwell expressed anger, saying, “Honestly, it was a frustrating game.” “What does a person who comes to watch soccer come to watch? An energetic player and an aggressive team attitude must follow. From that point of view, is it okay to leave it to (referees) as it is?” This means that the referee team makes a rather excessive decision over contacts such as physical fights in a game. 유흥알바

“In my experience (although it is not a referee), I can judge what is right or wrong to some extent. If a game is suspended, shouldn’t the referee approach them and explain and encourage them?”

“This is why Manchester City, Tottenham, and Liverpool play aggressively fast soccer,” said Keewell, who played in the English Premier League when he was an active player. “If the J-League aims to play a global league, there is something that needs to be changed. That is why it is frustrating.” He also said, “The J-League needs to improve the quality of its games.”

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