Maybe it’s April of fate.

Jeonbuk Hyundai, led by Coach Dan Perrescu, had a rough March. It had four draws and two losses in six matches including two Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League matches, making it unable to add a single win. It has three draws and one loss in four league matches. It is one of the teams that has yet to record its first win in the K-League 1, along with Gangwon FC (three draws and one loss) and Daejeon Hana Citizen (two draws and two losses). It is also ranking 11th. It is the first time in 16 years that Jeonbuk has not secured a single win since the 2008 season in March.

Of course, a series of injuries and bad luck are bothering Jeonbuk, but that cannot be an excuse. Jeonbuk was “desperate” ahead of this season. It wanted to overcome its first win in 10 years last season. However, it has not produced a result.

Ferrescu is also unable to show his color. Recently, Petrescu has drastically decreased the number of times he orders players on the technical line. As such, it should be seen that Petrescu himself is in trouble.

It is also true that there are many injured. In addition to Hernandez, Ahn Hyun-bum and Kwon Chang-hoon were absent, and in the fourth round match against Ulsan HD (2-2 draw), key defender Hong Jeong-ho was out after just four minutes in the first half due to hamstring injury. In the end, Jeonbuk has to overcome it on its own. In the second half of the match against Ulsan, it displayed somewhat aggressive performance.

As a result, the public is gradually turning their back on them. After the third round match against Gimcheon Sangmu (0-1 loss), Coach Petrescu and captain Kim Jin-su bowed their heads to the fans while holding the loudspeaker. It is still early in the season, but they are not satisfied with the result and performance. The Korean team needs to make a drastic twist. 노래방알바

Jeonbuk will play five matches this month alone, starting with an away match against Jeju United on Thursday. The team will meet Gangwon (home), Gwangju FC (home), FC Seoul (away) and Daegu FC (home) in turn. If the team remains sluggish through April, Jeonbuk will have no choice but to take out its super-strongest move to replace its coach.

Jeonbuk failed to overcome its slump from March to April last season, and its coach Kim Sang-sik resigned on May 4. There is no law against Ferrescu not to follow suit.

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