FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong said before the match that he would feel even more frustrated with Ilyuchenko. Did he hear that.

Ilyushchenko has made a perfect comeback. In the fifth round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” against Gimcheon Sangmu held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sunday, Ilyushchenko scored two goals and two assists to lead his team to a complete 5-1 victory.

Ilyushchenko gave assist to Cho Young-wook’s opening goal in the 15th minute of the first half, before scoring multiple goals in the 33rd, 38th and 5th minutes of the first half. He seemed to complete his first hat trick of this season in the 46th minute of the first half.

The clinical association’s “Shooting” went through Ilyuchenko and hit the net. It seemed to be Ilyuchenko’s goal, but after replay, he did not touch the ball. It was the clinical association’s goal. Ilyuchenko, who passed to the clinical association in the previous situation, recorded help.

Ilyushchenko said, “It was a very perfect match. Ilyushchenko played so well that he did everything he prepared and wanted to do in the first half. He scored four goals early on, which made it much easier to get there. My opponent came up because he failed to start properly for about 15 minutes in the second half, but he spoke ill after the loss. He proved his performance by earning three points.” He also self-evaluated that it was the best performance since he settled in Seoul.

What a shame. He was substituted in the 32nd minute of the second half. I thought there would be more space to play if the opponent team is aggressive in the second half. Whether it be one goal or more help, I wanted to score. However, I have no regrets or disappointment about being substituted. There is an immediate game on the weekend. Dongjin Park is also working hard, and he is entitled to play. I am glad that Dongjin Park scored a goal.”

In order to revive Ilyushchenko, Kim said he edited and showed videos that he liked during his Pohang career in 2022. Through a separate meeting, he also told how to attack. Ilyushchenko said, “When I see myself doing well in the past, I feel positive and confident. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on myself. Today’s meeting was a great help.”

And, “The soccer and style demanded and pursued by the coach is 99% the same as the soccer I think and good at. There are a lot of things that I agree with the coach’s request. I play soccer comfortably and confidently,” he smiled.

He scored his second or third goal after reporting his last goal through a penalty kick in the match against Jeju Island on April 16. “I heard later that (strong) Sang-woo wanted to kick the penalty kick in the match against Jeju. (Ki) Sung-yong said that Ilyushchenko should survive to give the team a chance. That’s right. The team should live only if Ilyushchenko survives. If Ilyushchenko continues to show good performance, the team will become better,” he said. 여우알바

Ilyushchenko responded, “There is no pressure and pressure. I feel good now to know what my fellow players think. There are many things I ask myself to do. When I do well, the team lives. When I do well, all the players are good. They all put pressure on me and deliver the ball to make a score. In the game I am good at, my colleagues around me also play the best. Soccer is not a sport that one person has to be good at. Everyone has to be good at.”

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