Rumors are growing toward the KBO League salary cap, which was introduced for the first time this year.

Recently, the heads of 10 clubs held workshops in Busan. Winter is a “time for the head of the team” where the coach and the team take a break. It was not just a friendship but a place where various discussions took place.

Following the previous board meeting, discussions on readjusting the salary cap were also raised at a meeting between the heads of the board.

According to the previous agreement, the newly introduced salary cap will be for three years until 2025. The amount limit is 120 percent of the average annual salary of the top 40 excluding rookies and foreign players (salary + real income + annual average down payment) over the past two years.

A violation takes 50 percent of the excess. A violation in the second and third innings will be accompanied by penalties of 100 percent and 150 percent, respectively, and penalties of the lowest rank (nine notches down) in the rookie’s first round. Penalties are not easy, but they are soft caps that allow people to take sanctions in some cases.

However, critics say that the two sides lacked discussions at the time of the initial agreement. More than half of the teams have full salary caps, and other teams are relatively active. For this reason, all teams locked their wallets en masse immediately after big-time contracts with Jeon Joon-woo, An Chi-hong and Kim Jae-yoon were signed in the FA market this winter. 랭크카지노

A case in point is LG General Manager Cha Myung-seok’s belief, which was revealed earlier at the second draft site. “A team that has advanced to fall baseball for five consecutive years like us and won this year has no choice but to hand over the salary cap.” Cha expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “In the professional baseball league where all clubs lose money, preventing the team’s right to operate autonomously hinders the development of baseball.”

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