“In the end, the team that is good at the basics did well.”

This was the realization that Kim Eun-joong, a former coach of the U-20 national team, gained. Kim recently visited England with his coach Kim Tae-min. He had a good relationship with Kim at the U-20 national team. He wanted to renew his strong belief. He played six games from May 5 to 15. Starting with the match between Manchester United and Chelsea, he watched various events such as the Tottenham-West Ham match, Stoke City-Sheffield Wednesday match, Everton-Chelsea match, Manchester-Bayern Munich match, and Celtic-Feyenoord match.

“I visited England to watch as many games as possible. I wanted to see the tactical flow of the game, but the team that is good at the basics of soccer did a good job. In terms of pass timing, systematic moves, and game management, I could see the team run smoothly create content and results together.” “Fast and straightforward play is what I think of as soccer, and the connection and touch of such teams are simple. Controlling, passing, and stabilizing such areas have increased speed and quality. 헤라카지노 The basics of soccer don’t seem to change. I learned a lesson once again from this expedition to England,” he said.

Kim came up with ideas while working with Kim. “This is why I worked with Kim on purpose. Rather than thinking by myself, I have another idea when I talk and share things. I had a great experience this time,” Kim said.

During this time, Kim took some time to meet his students. He also took care of Bae Joon-ho (Stoke City) and Kim Ji-soo (Brentford), who played together at the U-20 World Cup. “I ate and talked with Joon-ho. I watched the game in person, and he was good. There are things that sparkle. I think I would be able to do better if I could play a game that would make Jun-ho more alive. His local fans also liked it because he played a game that made them excited when holding the ball,” he said. “I advised Jun-ho to focus on stable play because it was his first time. Instead, he advised me to be more greedy, confident, and play that would allow him to build attack points.” In the case of Kim Ji-soo, we have not met in person but have been in touch. “Fortunately, I am glad that both of them are adapting well,” Kim said.

Kim established himself as a young potential leader through his legendary performance in the semi-finals at the U-20 World Cup. This comment is being discussed whenever there is a vacancy in the K-League. Kim made it clear that he is “not in a hurry” about his future course of action. “The color of the team must match. When it comes to the direction the team wants to go, it is important that it matches my color,” he said. “When the time comes, opportunities definitely come. By force, it does not work. I will follow the rules.”

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