Attention is focusing on whether Kim Ki-dong (52), who has been given the heavy responsibility of “rebuilding the master’s family,” will continue his mobility magic in FC Seoul.
Kim Ki-dong left Pohang Steelers and officially took over as Seoul coach on the 14th. The terms of the contract were not disclosed, but it is said to be the highest level of treatment in Korea with a three-year contract.

Seoul fans cheered and Pohang fans sighed heavily at the unexpected transfer. It was because Kim Ki-dong left a great achievement for Pohang. Starting as a senior coach in 2016, Kim Ki-dong became the 12th coach of Pohang in 2019, and he showed off his “motivation magic” from his debut season to elevate Pohang to fourth place in the league. In the 2020 season, he moved up to third place in the league and advanced to the semifinals of the FA Cup. Even though he did not win the title at the time, he became a sensation by winning the K-League Coach of the Year award.

Although the team slipped to ninth place in the 2021 season and failed to advance to the quarterfinals in the FA Cup, it maintained the pride of its K-League team in the Asian stage by ranking second in the AFC Champions League. The mobile magic shone all the time this season as well. Pohang ranked second in the league after Ulsan. It also grabbed the trophy at the FA Cup, achieving the first win in Kim Ki-dong’s career.

Coach Kim Ki-dong has become the most resourceful player in the K-League. He also pressured Pohang’s thin base of players through various customized tactics. In addition, he was praised for making soccer fun by banking on its aggressive soccer team that does not back down. Although Pohang does not have as much investment as K-League big clubs, it is said that the team performed well thanks to coach Kim Ki-dong’s outstanding tactics and ability to recruit players.

At the end of this season, not only K-League clubs but also Chinese Super League teams have been paying attention to Kim. Shanghai Haigang reportedly sent Kim Ki-dong a positive love call. However, wanting to stay in the K-League, Kim chose to go to Seoul after much thought. 월카지노
Coach Kim Ki-dong, who renewed his three-year contract with Pohang at the end of 2022, had to go through with his contract period, but he said goodbye to Pohang smoothly. Kim Ki-dong sent a handwritten letter of apology to Pohang fans. “I’m going to Seoul considering various circumstances amid offers from various teams. Some fans may not understand, but I hope you understand how I feel when I can’t talk a lot,” he said. “It was a difficult choice and I made the decision after a lot of consideration. I feel heartbroken, heartbroken, sore and uncomfortable every day.” Pohang also announced that it would appoint Park Tae-ha, chairman of the professional soccer federation’s technical committee, as soon as Kim Ki-dong’s trip to Seoul was officially announced.

Pohang fans seem to regret the breakup with head coach Kim Ki-dong but generally respect him. This may be because they sympathize with the situation of the club, which does not invest much. Pohang is a prestigious K-League club with a long history and tradition, but investment is far below the top teams in the K-League.

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