This may lead to the history of the three rich competing in the World Cup for the first time in Korean soccer history.
Lee Tae-seok (FC Seoul), the left fullback of the Olympic team who made a strong impression with a courier cross in three consecutive matches at the U-23 Asian Cup, drew attention as the son of Lee Eul-yong, the general manager of the Yongin Football Center, who has been the main player in the semi-finals of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup since Osan High School.

Moreover, despite the poor performance of the Olympic team failing to participate in the Olympics for the first time in 40 years, it was like a rain in a drought along with striker Lee Young-joon (Kim Cheon Sang-moo), who scored three consecutive games.

Even his younger brother, Lee Seung-joon, signed a semi-professional contract with FC Seoul after graduating from Osan High School from the 23rd season, and took his first step as a professional player.

As a bonus, Lee Seung-joon was also selected for the 23 U-20 youth team led by head coach Kim Eun-joong (currently Suwon FC), and he is gradually increasing the number of games he played as he played in two games in the 23rd season and three games in the 24th season.

Lee Tae-seok’s position is left fullback, and Lee Seung-joon’s position is left winger. 토토사이트

In particular, the A team is currently in trouble with left and right fullbacks, and Son Heung-min, who is in charge of the left winger, is currently 32 years old, so I don’t know how long his current performance will continue.

Previously, in the history of Korean soccer, there have been no cases in which the father-son participated in the World Cup except for Cha Bum-keun (1986 Mexico) and Cha Du-ri (2002 Korea-Japan, 2010 South Africa), and furthermore, there have been no cases in which the father-son participated in the World Cup.

And the two players are still young at 22 and 20.

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