K League 2 is not a hell for nothing.

Suwon Samsung lost 1-2 in the 10th round match of Hana Bank K League 2 2024 against Seongnam FC at Tancheon Stadium on the 5th.

Suwon, which had been unbeaten with four wins and one draw in the previous five matches, failed to secure a point and remained flat at 19 points. It failed to catch up with FC Anyang (20 points), the team that leads the league. As Anyang played one less game, it could be four points behind in terms of arithmetic. It also failed to broaden its gap with Busan I’Park (15 points), which was ranked third in the league with one less game.

Suwon had a rotation for the first time in a while. As a striker, Mulich replaced Kim who has recently been in good condition, while other key players including Son Suk-yong and Kazuki started the game from the bench.

The result was a failure. Suwon lost a point to the Whois in the 33rd minute of the first half, forcing the team to play a difficult game. Seongnam, which scored the first goal, operated defensively, and Suwon failed to overcome the barrier. Coach Yeom Ki-hoon’s ambitious starting card, Mulic, was sluggish. He seemed to have failed to put pressure on Seongnam’s defense line at the forefront. Seongnam’s goal was to build a tight defense line, determined both the content and outcome of the game. Yeom’s scenario went up in smoke.

Suwon utilized the same best 11 players in the last eight to nine rounds. Despite the draw, the match against Gyeongnam FC in the ninth round showed good performance. Regardless of the result, it was fair to say that the team had the best performance this season. As the team remained undefeated, it looked close to making the best lineup.

Leaving the good trend behind, Yeom brought up an anomalous operation, but as a result, the change ended in failure. There may have been an intention to boost the conditions of Mulich, Jeon Jin-woo, and Yoo Je-ho and induce internal competition, but there was no great harvest. Rather, Kim Hyun, who entered as a substitute, showed off his presence by adding one assist.

The season is long and rotation is always necessary. However, timing matters. Suwon played its ninth round match one week ago. It is not physically strain. If it is not for injury, there is no reason to change. Moreover, since the previous game was good, there was no justification for change. 안전놀이터

Suwon’s biggest goal is to be promoted to the K League 1. At the end of the season, there will be a time when one point and even one goal will be regrettable. It is important to secure performance, but the result and the priority should be to secure points.

Of course, there are no games to rest. In this season’s K-League 2, the competition is fiercer than ever. Most teams at the bottom of the ranks in terms of power parity are also evaluated to be formidable. The reality of the second division is that it is difficult to guarantee a win unless 100 percent of the team is poured. Rotation is a luxury.

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