My job is to do, but I’m in the middle of it.
The Kia Tigers abruptly terminated its contract with Kim Jong-kook, who is under investigation by prosecutors for accepting bribes, on Tuesday. Kim, who took the helm ahead of the 2022 season, will be forced to step down in disgrace after failing to complete his three-year contract, which was up until this year.

KIA has had its worst phase of leadership crisis for two consecutive years. Last year, former General Manager Jang Jung-seok was dismissed for allegations that he demanded money back just before the opening of the regular season, but this year, the head of the field team, the head coach of the main league, was forced to step down for bribery charges. It is all the more painful than when a coach resigns due to poor performance.

Team atmosphere is bound to be a mess. KIA’s team boarded the plane to Australia on Wednesday with a heavy look on its face. The mood of the coaching staff, who left for Canberra one day earlier, was even disastrous. Jin Gap-yong, who temporarily took the helm, apologized and shed tears during an interview with reporters at Incheon International Airport.

However, the water has already been spilled. From now on, we need to find a solution. Now, someone must step up and overcome the current crisis and lead the team’s new season. The appointment of a new coach should be made as soon as possible to address the current situation caused by the crisis in the head coach. 꽁머니사이트

However, the task that the new coach can accept is still daunting. The new coach has to deal with the chaotic atmosphere in the team, while completing his plan for the new season during the spring camp, which is tight-knit. Moreover, the formation of Kia’s coaching staff for the 2024 season has already been completed. The new coach must play the 2024 season in harmony with the coaching staff, which is structured without his or her own division.

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