Tottenham Hotspur, which succeeded in strengthening strikers and defenders in the winter transfer market, is struggling to reinforce midfielder, which was its next goal.

Britain’s Give Me Sports reported on the 31st (Korea time) that “Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher, who Tottenham is trying to recruit, is not interested in moving to Tottenham.”

With the deadline approaching for the winter transfer market, Giveme Sports said, “The possibility is definitely decreasing,” adding, “Tottenham is trying to avoid what happened in the past when it had difficulties in the transfer market in the last few days. He wants to sign Gallagher, but it is unlikely at this stage.”

“Chelsea may hear offers for a transfer, but Gallagher is not interested in moving to Tottenham. Gallagher hopes to stay at Chelsea instead. Chelsea is in the final of the League Cup next month. Gallagher is Chelsea’s past, present and captain. That’s why I personally don’t think Gallagher will leave.”

Tottenham decided that the striker and position were weak positions and sought to recruit players in the transfer market this winter, and it was achieved by recruiting Werner and Dragusin. The striker is due to Son Heung-min leaving the team for more than a month due to his participation in the Asian Cup, and the defender is thinned due to the transfer of Davinson Sanchez and others.

However, midfielders are no less vulnerable than this. Their main midfielders, Pape Sarr and Yves Bissouma, have left their teams to play in the African Cup of Nations. In recent matches, Rodrigo Bentancur, Oliver Skipp and Pierre-Emile Hoivier are filling the gaps between Bissouma and Sarr. James Maddison has returned, but manager Enze Postecoglou needs a player who can play as a central midfielder.

Bissouma and Sarr will return next month, but apart from this, Tottenham is pushing for a reorganization of the midfield. Among them, Hoivier is reportedly on the transfer list. Considering that they will participate in next season’s UEFA competition, analysts say that reinforcement of the midfield is essential.

Gallagher is an all-weather midfielder with explosive activity and is expected to be suitable for the tactics that Postecoglou will use to pressure the opponent by raising the line high. 라바카지노

Another reason Tottenham want to recruit Gallagher is their homegrown credentials. Gallagher has homegrown credentials thanks to his birth in England and involvement in the Chelsea youth team from 2008 to 2019. Tottenham, which has a lot of foreign players in its first team, has been raising the need to recruit homegrown players to prepare for their appearance in European matches. They hired Joe Hart for the same reason ahead of the 2020-21 season, and last season, they met the homegrown conditions by recruiting veteran goalkeeper Frazier Foster.

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