‘Hakbumson’ (Kim Hak-bum + Alex Ferguson) Kim Hak-bum will take the helm of Jeju United.

Jeju announced on Friday that it has appointed Kim Hak-bum as its 17th head coach.

Kim is one of the most prominent figures in Korean soccer. He has been recognized for his leadership throughout his career at various clubs, including Seongnam Ilhwa (2005-2008), Henan Jianye (China, 2010), Gangwon FC (2012-2013), Seongnam FC (2014-2016), and Gwangju FC (2017).

He also spared no effort in his personal development. In 2006, he earned a doctorate in exercise physiology from his alma mater, Myongji University, becoming the first Korean soccer player to earn a doctorate. During his breaks, he traveled to South America and Europe to read the trends of world soccer and try to transplant advanced soccer. This earned him the nickname “Hakbumson” (Kim Hakbum + Ferguson), a reference to former Manchester United (England) manager Ferguson for his excellent team management and strategy.
Kim’s leadership also shone at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang. Kim took over the reins of the U-23 national team in March 2018 and led South Korea to victory at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in August that year. His controversial wildcard picks, subtle substitutions, and tactical details were near-perfect.

In addition, Kim Hak-bum interacted a lot with the young players under the age of 23, reading their minds and creating a strong motivation for them to run towards a single goal (winning the title) through a trusted rotation. That’s why Jeju chose him to lead the team to new heights in the 2024 season.

After taking a break from coaching, resting and studying to embrace the modern game, Kim Hak-bum is the right man to lead Jeju’s current strengths and gradual rebuilding, especially with Kim Gun-woong, whom he coached at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, as well as Seo Jin-soo and Lee Ki-hyuk, who are expected to reach their full potential through communication with the future of Jeju.

While expressing his trust and strong faith in the players, Kim also expressed his ambition to draw a brilliant orange future with all members of Jeju. 무지개토토 주소

“The Jeju I’ve been watching is still a good team,” said Kim Hak-bum. However, we need to make a lot of efforts to transform into a strong team that can strike fear into our opponents instead of just being a good team,” he said. I want to instill confidence in the players that Jeju can bring good results in the future,” he said confidently.

Kim continued, “Jeju is a young team with a lot of potential. I will communicate with them a lot so that their healthy synergy can come out on the field.” “I am already looking forward to the next season. We will do our best to prepare well. We ask for the support and interest of the Jeju fans.”

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