This Korean Series has been especially nail-biting. It was a series of thrilling games. Game 3 (at KT Wiz Park in Suwon) is especially memorable. It was the game that crowned the MVP.

The top of the ninth inning. Oh Ji-hwan hit a three-run home run. The score was 8-7. The ninth inning came around. Twins closer Ko Woo-seok struck out the first batter (Alford).

In the next at-bat, something happened. It was time to face pinch-hitter Kim Jun-tae. With the count 2-1, a four-pitch fastball went high. It was out of the zone. But the batter’s bat dragged. It stops in the middle, but it’s suspicious. The umpire (Jeon Il-su) asks the third base umpire (Choi Soo-soo) for an opinion. The umpire signals that the bat has turned.

The batter looks like the world is against him. The bench is stunned. Manager Lee Kang-cheol rushes out. After a lengthy protest (and some harsh words), the umpire makes his decision. “Ejected”.

The game was broadcast by KBS TV. Kim Jun-tae’s action was shown in slow motion. The two commentators, Yoon Hee-sang and Park Yong-taek, both said it was “not a swing”. It’s very unusual for a live broadcast to explicitly point out that a call is wrong. It’s a clear distinction. (Kim Jun-tae would eventually score on a groundout).

The call sparked a public debate. Various media outlets criticized the call. Fans criticized the call on various communities and social media. It was a blot on a great game.

If we filter out the harsh words and summarize the heated reactions, the arguments come down to one conclusion: why shouldn’t check swings be subject to video review? Or should check swings be subject to video review?

In hindsight, yes. There are a few things that are particularly controversial. Check swings are one of them. “Did the bat turn or didn’t the bat turn? It’s a nerve-wracking battle. A dozen words come out of the batter’s mouth, and the umpire’s head spins. But there is no solution. Once the call is made, it stands. There is no way to redress the injustice.

Is it right to keep doing this? That’s the question.

Video review is being implemented for 12 items. They are: tag/force (out, safe), home run, fair/foul, batted ball, batted ball (including foul tips), collision, three feet, run scored before three outs, whose ball, passing a runner, tag up, foul/hustle. The argument is to add one more. 토토사이트

There are several arguments against this There are no clear rules for the swing, it’s hard to determine the batter’s intent, and it happens too often. That’s why MLB and NPB don’t recognize it, meaning it’s a subjective judgment call by the umpire.

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