The possibility of former German national soccer team coach Joachim Löw taking over as head coach of the Chinese national soccer team continues to be discussed in China.

Chinese media outlet Xinhua reported that Song Kai, the new president of the Chinese Football Association, has said that a change in coaching staff is necessary to improve the national team’s performance as soon as possible, and that Song Kai is well aware of this. He said that there is a lot to learn from the success of German soccer, adding that he is willing to appoint a German coach.

At a recent signing ceremony with the German Football Federation (DFB), Song Kai expressed his hope that a German coach would lead China to beat South Korea and qualify for the FIFA World Cup. <Sohu reported that the Chinese Football Association wants a high-profile coach to replace current Chinese coach Aleksandar Jankovic, and Song Kai’s favorite candidate is Löw.

However, there is a stumbling block in bringing in Loew: his astronomical salary. Given the current state of the Chinese soccer industry, which has seen a downturn in investment, this is not an easy task. However, according to Sohu, citing insiders, the Chinese Football Association is willing to offer a bargain. 보스토토

China has appointed World Cup winners as head coaches before. Italian legendary coach Marcello Lippi, who led Guangzhou Hengda (now Guangzhou FC) to multiple AFC Champions League titles and the Italian national team to the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, was once in charge of China. However, Lippi was so disappointed with the performance of the Chinese players that he abruptly resigned and left the country after the team’s second qualifying match against Syria at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

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