While Kim Cheon-sang predicted revenge, he will go on an expedition to Daejeon Hana Citizen.

Gimcheon will play an away game in the 10th round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at 7:30 p.m. on the 30th at Daejeon World Cup Stadium. Gimcheon is determined to avenge the pain of two years ago to Daejeon, based on its momentum of winning four games and drawing one in the last five games, including the Korea Cup.

Gimcheon’s latest matchup against Daejeon is two losses. In the 2021 season K-League 2, Gimcheon won the match by dominating Daejeon with three wins and one draw, but in the 2022 season promotion playoffs, it was demoted after losing the first and second matches. Now that their first showdown in two years in the K-League 1, Gimcheon is confident of winning based on its recent momentum.

Gimcheon has won four games and drew one tie in its recent five games, including the Korea Cup, thanks to its improved performance. After losing against Seoul on April 3, the team quickly improved its atmosphere and has become more solid. In the last match against Gangwon, the team also showed new tactics.

Gimcheon neutralized the opponent’s pressure by releasing the game by placing the right fullback at the center in the rear build-up situation. The new tactic added possibility in that it finished the game with a scoreless victory, although it still needed to be refined with a few mistakes. In addition to the recent trend, Gimcheon is confident of the results of the game different from two years ago based on its flexible operation of tactics.

Striker resources to return to the squad are also a plus factor in Gimcheon’s performance. Lee Jung-min and Lee Young-joon added weight to their strikers’ lineup, as they were injured and returned from the national squad, respectively. Both players are in good condition. 스포츠토토

Lee Young-joon boosted his performance by scoring three goals in three matches at the AFC U-23 Asian Cup. Above all, Lee led his team to a three-game home winning streak with the final goal in the theater at the match against Gangwon, which was his return match.

With the return of the two players, Yoo has more options to take the central striker position where he used to struggle alone. Three players of different styles can now be deployed depending on the match situation with the opponent team. Lee Jung-min and Lee Young-jun’s return will add momentum to the management of the strikers.

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