He takes classes at school in the morning on weekdays. In the afternoon, he will participate in the Gangwon FC training. In the weekend, he will play in the K League 1.

This is Yang Min-hyuk’s daily life in 2024.

Yang Min-hyuk is a senior at Gangneung Jeil High School. Gangneung Jeil High School is a team from Gangwon U-18. Yang has been with Gangwon since 2022.

be an exceptional talent.
Yang scored five goals and one assist in the 2022 K-League Junior League, spearheading his team’s victory in the electric league. With his performance in the junior league as a springboard, Yang was called upon by the Korean U-17 national team. Yang immediately established himself as the team’s ace. Following the 2023 Asian Football Confederation U-17 Asian Cup, he played in the U-17 World Cup in Indonesia in the same year.

On Mar. 2, 2024, Yang started Gangwon’s opening match of this season’s K-League 1. Yang rewritten Gangwon’s record of being the youngest player to play in the league. It was not the end. Yang scored an assist 35 seconds into the game. He even set the club’s record for the youngest offensive point in his professional debut.

Yang scored his debut goal in an away match at Gwangju FC in the second round of the K League 1. He was the youngest player to score a goal at a club in Gangwon Province and the youngest ever to score a goal in the K League 1 since the promotion system was introduced in 2013.

Yang Min-hyuk is playing in all nine games (one goal and two assists) that Gangwon has played this season. He starts in all games, too. Average playing time is 68 minutes.

MK Sports talked with Yang Min-hyuk before the game between Gangwon and Gimcheon Sangmu held at Gimcheon Sports Complex on April 27.

Q. Aren’t you a senior in high school? Were you expecting to make a professional debut before the opening of the 2024 season.
Coach Yoon Jeong-hwan gave me the opportunity to join the training in Antalya, Turkiye. I felt that a professional is definitely different. After the first practice match, I thought, “It will take a long time until I debut as a professional.” But the coach kept giving me the opportunity. I gained confidence because you trusted me. I think it led to a good opportunity to do what I could do well without being afraid.

Q. What was the biggest difference from winter training in high school that you felt while experiencing your first winter training as a professional.

It was my first time practicing abroad for the winter training (laughs). Among the competitors I encountered at the winter training site were a famous team from Europe. Just like a famous team, players showed outstanding skills. I gained confidence by bumping into players from those teams.

Q. He is surprising the soccer community in the 2024 season. He started in this season’s opener against Jeju United on March 2 and scored an offensive point in just 32 seconds. He set a new record as the youngest player to play at 17 years, 10 months, and 15 days, as well as the team’s youngest offensive point. He made his professional debut goal at a match against Gwangju in the second round. At 17 years, 10 months, and 23 days, he became the youngest scorer in the K-League 1 since the promotion system was introduced in 2013. 메이저놀이터

I’m confident in speed and dribbling. After the first winter training, I promised to do it with confidence. The game against Gwangju, where I scored my professional debut goal, had more regrets. Our team showed good performance, but we didn’t win. After the game against Gwangju, I thought a lot about ‘I really want to contribute to the team’s victory next time.’ If the team can win, whether it be a goal or help, anything will be fine.

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