Will Suwon FC, led by Lee Seung-woo (26), who turned himself into a “solver,” be able to make a successful four-game winning streak? Lee, who has three goals and two assists in five of his seven matches as substitute players in the second half of this season, is playing at the center of his team’s three-game winning streak if Suwon FC displays its hindsight in the second half. Led by “Sharp” Kim Eun-joong, Suwon FC managed to overturn the first goal in the eighth and ninth rounds, and continued its winning streak. However, attention is focusing on a clash with FC Seoul, which has failed to secure victory with two draws and four losses in the recent six rounds. The highlights of the six rounds of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 will be summarized on Thursday and Sunday.

□ Match of Round: ‘Challenge to win consecutive games’ vs. ‘Unbeaten in 4 games’ Gimcheon
One of the main matches of the 10th round is the showdown between Daejeon Hana Citizen (10th, 9 points) and Gimcheon Sangmu (1st, 19 points). Daejeon, the home team, won in four games by showing off its firepower of scoring three goals in the last nine rounds against Seoul. Daejeon succeeded in escaping from the bottom of the K League 1 with the victory, while Joo Se-jong and Kim Seung-dae (2 goals) both scored their first goals of the season, washing away their sluggishness.

In particular, the game was more meaningful in that it was a victory created by major players such as Lee Soon-min, Hong Jung-woon, Guterte, and Hosa in a situation where they left due to injury. In addition to the two players who opened the scoring, Daejeon showed the concentration of Jungwon-jin, who showed strong determination in the scoring process.

Along with Daejeon’s U22 resources Lee Joon-kyu and Bae Seo-joon, who were sharp in offense and defense throughout the game, Shin’s active performance was impressive enough to clear the gaps in the injured players. Also, center defender Kim Hyun-woo, who got the opportunity by starting two consecutive games, gave up just one run in two games, and if he shows his unwavering performance against Gimcheon, Daejeon can look to win its first consecutive game of the season.

Gimcheon, an away team, added three points by winning 1-0 against Gangwon in the last nine rounds. With the victory, Gimcheon took the lead and continued its four-game unbeaten streak (three wins and one draw). Lee Jung-min, who was substituted for the day, scored a dramatic winning goal, and the politician showed off threatening performances by making six shots throughout the game.

This season, Gimcheon is characterized by sharp attacks, scoring from the toes of various players, including Kim Hyun-wook, who scored five goals, Lee Jung-min (3 goals), politician (2 goals), and Yoo Kang-hyun (1 goal). In addition, Gimcheon has been scoreless for the past three consecutive games, with goalkeepers Kim Joon-hong and Kang Hyun-moo alternately defending the goal to show stable performance, while the center back combination of Park Seung-wook and Kim Bong-soo is also supporting the unbeaten streak. 먹튀검증
Meanwhile, Gimcheon is slightly ahead of the two teams with three wins, one draw and two losses. Whether Daejeon will balance its opponent’s record by winning its first consecutive game of the season or Gimcheon will solidify its lead by going on an unbeaten streak of five consecutive games will be confirmed at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Daejeon World Cup Stadium.

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