Lee Chang-geun (31), the captain goalkeeper of Daejeon Hana Citizen, the lowest in the K-League 1 of professional football, left a bitter note to the team that has lost three consecutive games.

Daejeon met Jeju United in the 15th round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 29th and lost 0-1. Daejeon, which has lost three consecutive league games, has already increased its winless record to six games (two draws and four losses). In the process, former coach Lee Min-sung, who led the team’s promotion, put down the baton, and senior coach Chung Kwang-seok temporarily led the team for the second game, but there was no reversal. Daejeon kept the lowest place in the league (2 wins, five draws, eight losses, 11 points).

The only thing that shone in the midst of poor performance in Daejeon was goalkeeper Lee Chang-geun’s outstanding performance. Lee scored 11 runs in the last six games, but made numerous saves, drawing applause from fans. Despite losing 1-4 in the previous match against HD in Ulsan, he blocked 13 effective shots including penalty kicks, receiving a high rating of 8.2 points selected by the Korea Professional Football Association. In the match against Jeju Island, Lee also made a good defense from the beginning of the first half, supporting the team in crisis.

Confronted by reporters at the mixed zone after the match against Jeju Island, Lee Chang-geun left bitter comments to the players. “Players seem to think of crises a little easier. It’s not a situation that anyone can change on their own. I hope he will recall his professional consciousness.”

When the team was trailing 0-1, fans of Daejeon called for a reversal, chanting “Wake up, Daejeon.” Lee Chang-geun also said, “The fans and the club were all ready and laid the stage for us, but it’s too bad that the players don’t seem to be doing well.”

“We have a lot of seasons left, but one point might feel really big in the future. I always blame myself, but in the end, it’s our fault for not showing (the defeat) in the stadium. Didn’t former coach Lee Min-sung leave the team after all? In fact, the responsibility lies with the team,” he said. “I hope all players, including myself, will not play this shameful game again.” 안전놀이터

Finally, Lee Chang-geun vowed, “I think there will always be a turning point in every crisis. We need to prepare better not only for the upcoming Daegu FC match but also after the A-match break in June.”

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