This is the beginning after turning around. This is about the third term of the A team.

The Korean team, led by interim coach Kim Do-hoon, will play in the second qualifying round for the 2026 North-China World Cup to be held in June. It will convene on May 2 to face Singapore on May 6, and return to its home ground to meet China on May 11.

Only two defensive midfielders are Park Yong-woo (31, Al Ain) and Jung Woo-young (35, Al Kaliz) on the 23-man list announced by head coach Kim on the 27th. Hwang In-beom (Zrvena Zrezda) and Hong Hyun-suk (KAA Hent) can play the third line, but it is difficult to classify them as professional defensive midfielders.

The team is back to square one. Interim coach Hwang Seon-hong selected Jung Ho-yeon (Gwangju FC), Baek Seung-ho (Birmingham City) and Park Jin-seop (Jeonbuk Hyundai) during the A-match in March.

“Big” Jung Woo-young is a defensive midfielder who was heavily promoted under Paulo Bento’s leadership. As a central defender, Jung is good at building up the back. He also played as a mainstay at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Since the World Cup, he has never been selected through Jurgen Klinsmann and Hwang Sun-hong.

Considering that Jung is in his mid-30s, however, his mobility is inevitably deteriorating. It is also not in line with the trend of generational change in the national team. Amid lack of resources for professional defense-type midfielder, he is back on the national team’s roster for the first time in a year and three months. Jung has moved to a new team this season, and is currently playing as a mainstay for 30 games.

Park was also picked in about three months after the 2023 Asian Cup of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Under Klinsmann’s leadership, Park was chosen. He made his A-match debut in an exhibition match against Peru in June last year. He has been on the national team ever since.

Park was also a key defensive midfielder at the Asian Cup. However, Park was also harshly criticized for exposing his weaknesses in mobility. The Korean team, which had been vying for its first championship in 63 years, suffered a shock defeat to Jordan in the semifinals. Eventually, Clinton stepped down. Park, who had emerged as the mainstay of Al Ain, did not receive the call in March, but was called back to the national team this time. Park and Kim have been together in Ulsan in the past. 토토사이트

Defensive midfielder position is one of the team’s biggest weaknesses. It is also true that Park Yong-woo and Jung Woo-young’s joining does not fit with the trend of replacement of the national team’s generation. Still, concerns over the third term are ongoing.

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