Arteta has completely denied rumors of Barcelona’s appointment.

FC Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has decided to resign at the end of this season. As a result, Barcelona is searching for a new coach to lead its team from next season.

Coach Mikel Arteta, who is playing detailed pass football at Arsenal, is known to be the number one candidate Barcelona wants.

Barcelona, the home of possession soccer, values its philosophy. Arteta is a person who can inherit that philosophy. Arteta is also a former coach of Manchester City and a direct disciple of Pep Guardiola, who led Barcelona’s golden age.

However, Arteta denied the rumor that he would be appointed to Barcelona.

In an interview carried by the BBC on the 30th (Korean time), Arteta said, “Me? Not at all. It’s fake news,” adding, “Whatever I read, I’m angry. It’s unbelievable, it’s groundless.”

“I’m in the right position with the right people, and I like it. I’m enjoying a beautiful trip with this team, and I still have a lot of work to do. I also have a strong relationship with the leadership,” he said, expressing satisfaction with his life at Arsenal.

Arsenal, which finished second in the league with Arteta’s fun football last season and made it to the UEFA Champions League, is cruising to third place in the league with 13 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses, and 43 points in 21 league games this season. 라바카지노주소

Meanwhile, Barcelona, which won the Spanish Primera Liga last season, is ranked fourth in the league with 13 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses and 44 points in 21 league games this season.

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