Kyle Walker (34, Manchester City), the main defender of the English men’s national football team, who has been accused of living with a TV celebrity and having two children, made a public apology to his wife.

The BBC and ESPN reported on the 30th that Walker apologized to his family after weeks of speculation about his personal life, calling it “a stupid choice and a stupid decision.” 월카지노주소

Walker had two children with TV star Lorin Goodman, 33. Walker, who has consistently denied having an affair, recently chose to make a belated apology after he accused Goodman of being a “pathological liar and narcissist.”

Walker married Annie Kilner, 32, a popular model she dated since she was a teenager, in 2022. They already had three sons and are now expecting their fourth child. “What I have done is terrible,” Walker said. “Annie must be feeling unimaginably painful.” Walker and Kilner lived apart for a long time as they prepared to give birth. “I hurt her feelings without being around her when she needed me the most,” Walker said. “I will take full responsibility for the hurt.”

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