“A decision will be made within the first half of the year.”

It did not stop. After controversy over alternative stadiums following the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s surprise announcement of Jamsil Dome Stadium in September last year, officials gathered together for three times. In October, November last year, and on the 15th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Korea Baseball Organization, LG, Doosan, and professional professors formed consultative groups to discuss the issue of alternative stadiums. Although we have not reached a bold conclusion yet, we are expected to set the direction by June.

A consensus has been formed. LG, Doosan, and KBO as well as the Seoul Metropolitan Government agree that renting a room between the two teams is not realistic. After the announcement of Jamsil Dome Stadium, the Seoul Metropolitan Government proposed Gocheok or Mokdong rental room between LG and Doosan as an alternative. However, we listened carefully to the officials and looked into other options. We are discussing the use of sports complex as a baseball stadium.

The key is safety. The most important thing is how to solve the safety problem caused by the limited movement line that the Seoul Metropolitan Government claimed. In September last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it was concerned about accidents caused by narrow movement lines when using sports stadiums.

While all areas around Jamsil Sports Complex are under construction, there is only one movement in the direction of the Bongeun Bridge. If 18,000 baseball players are concentrated in the movement in the direction of the Bongeun Bridge, there is no choice but to be concerned about safety.

Therefore, the theme of the council’s meeting is to secure additional routes to resolve safety issues. “The Seoul Metropolitan Government also understands that sports complex should be used as an alternative stadium,” said a KBO official who attended the council. Jamsil is a place where LG and Doosan have long formed a fandom. It is like a landmark of Korean baseball that attracts many away fans. “We are currently discussing using sports complex as an alternative stadium,” he said. “However, safety issues are also a very important part.”

The size of the stadium’s spectators is also determined according to the movement. The sports complex can accommodate more spectators than Jamsil Stadium. However, if the movement line is limited, the number of spectators has to be reduced. In order to become a baseball stadium with a planned capacity of 18,000 people, it is essential to secure additional movement lines in addition to the direction of Bongeun Bridge. If additional movement lines are secured smoothly and large movement lines are secured, the size of audience capacity can also increase.

There is still a long way to go. It is also agonizing over securing the route, but it is expected that the party will face greater concerns and controversy over raising additional costs after securing the route.

“It is clear that it is not an easy issue in many ways. The interests of various organizations are intertwined. The business itself is very large and complex,” a KBO official said. “However, once the decision is made, it is not difficult to turn the sports complex into a baseball stadium. Just as Major League Baseball has turned a European soccer field into a baseball field, we can do it. As consultative bodies gather and discuss every month, the direction will be decided within the first half of the year.” 토토사이트

If everything goes smoothly, LG and Doosan will use the sports complex transformed into a baseball stadium as their home starting in 2027. They will play in the season at the sports complex for three years until 2029, and face a new era at Jamsil Dome Stadium, which was everyone’s desire from 2030.

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