“I can’t help it even if I think I’ve changed since I became a director.”

Yeom Ki-hoon (41), the new head coach of Suwon Samsung, bit his molars tightly. Suwon has lost to the second division in the 2023 season. This is the first time that the team has played in the league since its foundation in 1995. It was an unprecedented humiliation. Yeom, who assumed the leadership early this year after serving as the team’s acting coach at the end of the season, has a lot of responsibility. He shut his ears even when the players shouted out loud. He beefed up the intensity of his training with a gut-wrenching spirit from the first training camp.

Suwon set up camp in Bangkok, Thailand from Jan. 12 to Jan. 29. They continued their second training session in Jeju from Feb. 1. Yeom could not lead the camp in person because he had to attend the last session of the P-level license. Yeom will depart for Bangkok on Jan. 5 and return to Korea on Jan. 16.

Yeom Ki-hoon declared that he would be promoted without fail. In a recent interview, he said, “I hope to be promoted this year unconditionally. I delivered a clear goal to the players. I constantly talked about how much effort I have to make. The team and the coaching staff will work together to reach the same destination.”

He said he pushed the training tempo roughly unlike when he was a player. “When I was a coach, it was different from when I was a player. Honestly, I controlled when it was difficult. As I saw players controlling from a coach’s point of view, I found myself telling them to be stronger,” Yeom said.

The first is physical strength, and the second is physical strength. Physical strength and activism are essential. “You have to be physically strong to carry out tactics,” Yeom said. “Even the players who have seen me for a long time confessed that the training was the hardest ever. It was enough time to play soccer that I wanted to play.” He could see every moment when he learned the ropes. “Players who stood still after passing the tactical part were scolded boldly. Players who pushed the ball backward also strongly pushed him,” Yeom said.

It doesn’t matter if the players have complaints. “Of course, I don’t speak in front of myself. I think I have changed a lot since I became a coach. I have strict discipline. I have no personal feelings. I make decisions for the team. I’m not afraid of being criticized,” he said.

There is also much to be said about the lack of experience as a coach. Yeom took charge of playing coach and acting coach last year, and was promoted to coach at an ultra-fast pace. “I will not drag him on just my thoughts. I will constantly communicate with the players. I will share my situation with the players the more difficult it is. There is also an experienced general manager Park Kyung-hoon,” he said, dismissing concerns. Former executive director of the Korea Football Association, Park served as manager of Jeju and Seongnam. 꽁머니

It is regrettable that he cannot attend the second camp. “I feel sorry for the players. Still, we always have a video meeting before and after the training. Even if we cannot see each other in person, we have nothing to worry about. I just have a big heart that I cannot participate in. I don’t think there will be any problems at the moment,” Yeom said confidently in his new season’s cruising.

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