“64 years has been too long for Korean soccer. I will definitely bring the trophy from Qatar,” he said after the competition. Even though the content of the match was more disappointing, he even commented that “we are growing in the right direction,” ignoring the criticism.

Korean national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s over-the-top moves add fuel to angry public opinions. He also appears to be oblivious to the continuous controversy over his performance and attitude, as well as the public’s opposition to his resignation.

Coach Klinsmann, who has been criticized for controversy over working from home (remotely) for about a year since his appointment, said at a press conference on his return to Korea on the 8th after being eliminated from the semifinals of the Asian Cup. There is a lot of voice saying, “We have to watch the K-League players more, not the European players,” but he said, “I will leave next week, take a short break, and then move to Europe to tour the players.” “I keep talking about the way I work, but the national team coach should do various tasks, including business trips, in a different way than the professional team coach. I know a lot of criticism comes out and I respect that opinion, but I will not change the way I work,” he reiterated.

Only two days later, he left for the U.S. where his family is. The Korea Football Association, which was scheduled to discuss overall national team management while evaluating the championship after the Lunar New Year holiday, is also in an awkward position. Given the current atmosphere, it seems that he has not just crossed the line, but that he is okay with dismissal.

After the Asian Cup, public opinion about the replacement of Klinsmann intensified, and the Korea Football Association fell into a dilemma.

While Klinsmann was away, Hwang Ji-soo, head of the technology division, and Michael Mueller, head of the power reinforcement committee, met first on the 12th. On the 13th, executives from “players” such as OTC Ryong, Lee Seok-jae, Vice Chairman Choi Young-il, Mueller, Chairman of the Power Enhancement Committee, Jeong Hae-sung, Chairman of the competition committee, Lee Jung-min, Chairman of the Technical Committee Lee Im-saeng, Head of the Technology Division Hwang Ji-soo, and Head of the Management Division, Jeon Han-jin, gathered to talk about the future of the national team’s coach. In fact, there was no director Klinsmann and Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association, whom public opinion pointed out as the main agents of responsibility.

“In order to continue to be with Klinsmann, the KFA should at least promise to prevent a recurrence of several controversies, including telecommuting,” said a soccer player. The KFA will hold a meeting on Friday to gather nine players including Klinsmann and other members of the KFA. The KFA said Klinsmann will attend via video conference. 유흥알바

Soccer fans even staged a protest in front of the soccer center in central Seoul on Tuesday morning, urging the replacement of Klinsmann. Placards such as “Release the manager immediately. Release the background and process of appointment and annual salary standards,” and “Beginning of reform of the Korea Football Association. Resignation of Chung Mong-kyu and his staff altogether” appeared.

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