Korean women’s go ‘one-two punch’ Choi Jeong-nine and Kim Chae-young-eight have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Ocheong Wonbae.

South Korea’s reigning women’s world No. 1 먹튀검증 Choi Jeong-nim was upset in the round of 16 of the 6th Ocheong Wonbae World Women’s Go Tournament online on Tuesday by China’s rising star Wu Yim-5 in 156 moves.

Choi, a two-time defending champion, seized an early advantage against Wu Yiming by capturing a huge left-side piece.

Wu Yiming refused to give up and persevered until the very end, but eventually threw in the towel as Choi extended his lead with impeccable technique.

Kim Chae-young, the defending champion of the Oh Cheong Won Bae, reached the quarterfinals after defeating Yin Ming Chow Dan, who was competing for the United States, in 193 moves.

However, defending champion Oh Yoo-jin 9-dan lost to three-time tournament winner Zhou Hongyu 7-dan of China in 181 moves, while the youngest player, Jung Jung-jin 3-dan, was unbeaten by China’s women’s No. 1 player Wei Zhiying 7-dan.

In the quarterfinals on Nov. 11, Choi will face Japan’s Asami Ueno 4th dan and Kim Chae-young will face Zhou Hong-yu.

Hosted by China, the prize money for the winner of the Wu Chengyuan is 500,000 yuan (about $90,000), while the runner-up prize is 200,000 yuan (about $36,300).

The time limit is two hours and five one-minute second reads each.

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