“I hope the team members will train well.”

His heart is as hot as his powerful hit. He is a fashionable man who can take care of his teammates’ feelings. This is what Matt Davidson, 33, a rookie at NC, said. Davidson is already incorporating himself into NC.

Davison encouraged his teammates by purchasing doughnuts and coffee and even delivering them himself for the athletes sweating in training at Tucson NC Spring Camp in Arizona on the 11th (Korea time). As it rained and windy in Tucson, Arizona, the temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius. Although it rains at a somewhat dropped temperature, I sincerely hope that the players will eat doughnuts and coffee and conduct the training with a strong heart.

There is a real reason why people in the U.S. Major League Baseball eat donuts before a game. In addition to cheering for teammates, the game heightened the atmosphere at the training site with entertaining stories. As a member of NC Dinosaurs, Davidson is well-adjusted.

“There is a myth that if you eat doughnuts before a game in the United States, you can hit the sinker well,” Davison said at the camp. “If you eat doughnuts, you can feel like a sinker,” he said. “Of course, we don’t have to hit the sinker because we haven’t had a game yet, but we bought doughnuts and coffee with the hope that all the team members will cheer up and train well today.”

The rollercoaster of mood Davidson said is read as “eating sweet food makes you feel good.” Everyone has heard at least once that eating chocolate and other things makes you feel good when you are depressed. This is the part where Davidson’s careful sincerity is felt, considering the feelings of his team members.

He has good personality. All he has to do is show off his skills. A slugger and power hitter, Davidson is like a timely rain for NC, which suffered from a home run drought last year. He is the fourth batter and first baseman of NC this season. Expectations are mounting on Davidson’s strong batting performance that was showcased at the camp training. 꽁머니

The speed of the ball shown in the data alone is 179 kilometers. If you don’t concentrate during batting practice, you can’t even chase a fast ball with your eyes. The term “If you hit, you will be out of the fence” is not for no reason. This is why Eric Thames, who is considered the best foreign hitter in the KBO league by hitting more than 40 home runs in NC, is being summoned.

“I had a hard time last year, but I worked hard during this off-season. As much as I’ve prepared for this season, I will show good performance,” Davidson said. “I have long balls as my main weapon and I know the expectations of my team. If I play baseball that I pursue and my swing, of course, it will lead to good results.”

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