The Korean team failed to advance to the finals in Qatar for the first time in 64 years. Although the team was sluggish from the group stage, it was expected that the team would easily advance to the finals as it was included in a team other than the team that was full of championship contenders. However, the team was caught up by Jordan, which it met for the second time, and ended its journey in the semifinals.

The number of participating teams increased in the Qatar tournament, which allowed us to see the joy, anger, sorrow and sorrow of various Asian teams. Tajikistan, which was quite a threat with solid balance, and Indonesia, Jordan, and Palestine, head coach Shin Tae-yong, were able to advance to the knockout stage of the round of 16, depending on their performance.

At the tournament level, teams that had not received attention in Asia performed well. Tajikistan and Jordan are representative players. Tajikistan advanced to the quarterfinals after advancing to the tournament for the first time in history, triggering an Underdog rebellion. Jordan came to the knockout stage as the third place in the group, but beat Korea to advance to the final and play a match against Qatar for the championship cup.

It was a tournament where there were numerous tasks for the Korean national team, including coach Klinsmann’s lack of preparation, but the rebellion of underdogs in Qatar should be pointed out. Officials who watched the training process and the tournament in Qatar noted that they moved the 2022 World Cup bid system to create optimal conditions for international competitions.

Unusualties not seen in other international competitions played a part. Qatar had narrow regional characteristics that took only 20 to 30 minutes between the training site and the stadium. Even if they go up to the knockout stage after the group stage, they do not have to move their accommodations. In other words, it is an environment in which players participating in the competition can focus only on training. 유흥알바

The facilities provided at the training ground and stadium must also be considered. In other competitions, experience and know-how accumulated by each team’s associations affect the team’s performance, but it could not be a variable in Qatar, where all the bases are laid. “Even if the administrative foundation of the teams was somewhat inferior, the facilities in Qatar were enough to prepare for the competition,” a field official said. “The competition was able to produce results based solely on soccer ability without any other variables.”

What did you think about the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) that worked in Qatar since the World Cup? When asked about the Qatar Asian Cup Underdog Rebellion, he said, “Japan lost to Iraq in the group league, and Korea tied with Jordan and Malaysia. The same applies to Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Tajikistan suppressed Lebanon. It was an event where many unexpected events occurred.”

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