It is no longer a zoo monkey. He is now establishing himself as the center hitter of the team.

People who had been looking at him for a while have now begun to believe him. It’s not just a tall giant, it’s growing into a real giant.

It is the story of Yuto Akihiro (21), the tallest Japanese professional baseball player at 2m2cm.

Akihiro is a player who drew attention with his height when he joined the team.

He gained fame for being taller than his peers. He was evaluated as a suitable giant for the Yomiuri Giants.

However, not many people paid attention to his skills. Few people were interested in his potential, only to be talked about as a topic.

It is Abe Hyun, the head coach of Yomiuri’s first division, who discovered and created Akihiro.

Abe gave Akihiro unlimited opportunities after declaring that he would use Akihiro in the fourth batting order when he was a second-tier coach.

Through the process, Akihiro gradually grew into a baseball player.

Last winter, he absorbed all of Nakata’s strengths through autonomous joint training with his team senior Nakata.

He devoted all his energy to baseball 토토사이트 to the extent that he ate nine bowls of rice a day to build up his body. How great Akihiro’s meal was, Nakata said on social media during the joint training, “I’m running out of rice.” “Please send me some rice,” he said, leaving a half-joking and half-serious message.

The results of the training were spectacular. Akihiro is now fully established as a first-team player. It’s not just about playing. He is leading Yomiuri’s lead in the exchange match with the highest batting average in the team.

Akihiro has a batting average of 0.329 with four home runs and 18 RBIs as of the 17th. His batting average is the number one performance in the team.

The frequency of business trips is increasing to the extent that he has played 46 games. Now he is firmly established as the third batter’s main left fielder.

When Akihiro first appeared, not a few people disparaged him as a “zoo monkey.” He was considered a player who could attract attention with a height of more than 2m.

The main evaluation was that “it is difficult to grow into a good batter because it is difficult to balance even if you are too tall.”

However, Akihiro is seemingly breaking prejudices. He is growing beyond a first-team player to an indispensable part of the team.

With Akihiro starting to explode, Yomiuri’s performance is also on the rise.

As of the 17th, Yomiuri is in first place with 11 wins and 6 losses in the exchange match. It is only one step away from the goal of winning the exchange match for the first time in nine years. Akihiro is at the center of it.

How far will Akihiro’s growth go. Let’s take a look at Akihiro’s tomorrow, which has become a true Yomiuri Giants.

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