Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association, has recently come under criticism from fans again over the appointment of the national team (A) coach.

Four months after taking office, he did not hold back on the actions of German coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who had been criticized for working from home in the U.S., frequent overseas trips, and lack of tactics, but he took out a sword after he suffered a shocking 0-2 defeat by Jordan in the semifinals of the Asian Cup in February. In the process, the British popular newspaper “The Sun” reported the armed conflict between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in, causing a huge disgrace in Korean soccer. The Sun is known to be read by tens of millions of readers around the world through translators a day.

Klinsmann left, and since February, the Korea Football Association has formed a new national team power reinforcement committee early on and has been working on the appointment of a new coach for nearly five months, but has yet to come up with an answer. Hwang Sun-hong and Kim Do-hoon visited in March and June, respectively.

Rumors have it that there are as many as 100 candidates for official coaching, but the KFA has failed to single out a single candidate, which has once again been criticized for incompetent administration within and outside the soccer community. Chung Hae-sung, chairman of the Korea Electric Power Reinforcement Committee who pushed ahead with the appointment despite all kinds of opposition, even resigned in a surprise move late last month.

In any case, the appointment of the national team coach has no choice but to be postponed any longer, and the conclusion is inevitable soon. It is a matter of course.

In the midst of this, Chairman Chung seems to have made his first remarks regarding the appointment of the national team coach.

However, there are many voices that the perception of reality seems to be somewhat different from the domestic soccer fans and media, who are following the global soccer trend in real time.

Citing Alex Ferguson who made Manchester United a world-class reputation, Chung said, “The public opinion is likely to split 45 percent to 55 percent no matter who the Manchester United coach chooses. There is a high probability that 55 percent oppose whoever does it,” adding, “There seems to be no chance that (the coach) will become a coach with 50 percent support. Alex Ferguson also said, “It will not be easy.”

“(The coach) should have the ability to form a team (one team). When it comes to tactics, I think they (coaching staff) will do well on their own,” he said.

Chung should know that having doubts inside and outside the soccer community about the process of appointing a national team is more than thinking that the Korea Football Association will not be able to appoint a good coach.

First of all, there is no Korean people who do not know that the massive penalty that the Korea Football Association has to pay for the wrong selection of coach Klinsmann is a handicap. This is also the situation of Chairman Chung. Against this backdrop, the Korea Football Association is facing suspicions over whether it will be able to dismiss the view that “the coach has already been decided” and bring the coach with proper process and sincerity.

We cannot let go of the suspicion that the National Power Reinforcement Committee can work with proper authority, which has been proven to some extent by Chairman Chung’s resignation.

In addition, it is clear that he has not been able to select a coach for five months, but Chairman Chung is effectively avoiding responsibility by making unfounded excuses that the public or soccer fans will not agree with him no matter who comes. 스포츠토토

In the past, many soccer fans welcomed the fact that he led Nigeria to the gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics even when Johannes Bonfrere came, even if he did not go all the way to Guus Hiddink.

Closely, head coach Paulo Bento also failed in the Chinese professional soccer team just before taking office in South Korea, and although the media pointed out it fiercely, fans generally supported Bento’s appointment.

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