Eric Pedi (31, Chicago White Sox), former MVP of the KBO League, has a chance to dramatically join the fall baseball league. The Baltimore Orioles, the World Series favorite, paid attention to Pedi.
Pressbox Online, a U.S. media outlet, said on the 5th (Korea time), “Baltimore’s pitchers, who have been struggling for the last five consecutive losses, have made headlines. Baltimore’s starting lineup has been controversial over the past month, but Kyle Brady has been out for the season, so it is clear that another pitcher is needed.”

Baltimore is a strong team that ranks first in the American League East with 55 wins and 31 losses (0.640 win rate) and second in overall winning percentage in the Major League as of the end of the game on Wednesday. It is considered a favorite for the World Series as it ranks first in homers (140) in the entire team in the Major League, and OPS (0.774) combined with on-base plus slugging percentage and second in ERA (3.37) are in harmony with its strong lineup. According to U.S. baseball statistics media FanGraph, chances of winning the World Series are 99.1 percent, and the odds of winning the World Series are 9.9 percent, the fourth highest after the Los Angeles Dodgers (16.1 percent), Philadelphia Phillies (14.3 percent), and New York Yankees (12.5 percent).

However, the starting lineup, which somehow filled the void of Kyle Bradish (28), seems to be showing its limits. One-two punch consisting of Corbin Burns, who came to fill the void of Brady, and Grace Rodriguez, who he fostered himself, is in good shape, but the lower starting lineup consisting of Cole Irvin, Albert Suarez, and Dean Kramer was shaken. From the Houston Astros on June 22 to the Cleveland Guardians on June 26, five consecutive losses were a period of concern for the future. Worse yet, since Brady was out for the season after Tommy John surgery due to elbow pain he had been holding since the spring camp, he had no choice but to strengthen his position.

Local media were not the only ones to blame for Baltimore’s recent problems. Anthony Castrovins, a reporter for the Major League’s official website , also appeared on a radio show on Monday and pointed out that Baltimore is a team that should be very aggressive at the trade deadline.

Peddy, along with teammate Garrett Crochet, mentioned that he is the best candidate who can scratch Baltimore’s pain. Peddy won the KBO League MVP award last year, which is familiar to Korean baseball fans as well. Having failed to become a promising player through 2022, Peddy won three gold medals (multiple wins, strikeouts, and No. 1 ERA) in the NC Dinos last year, and swept various awards including regular season league MVP, pitcher Golden Glove, and Choi Dong-won. Based on his achievements in Korea, he signed a two-year, 15-million-dollar free agent contract with the Chicago White Sox this season, and is now in good shape.

Unlike the NC Dinosaurs who won 20 games (six losses) due to their good pitching, the Chicago White Sox suffered bad luck. He pitched well with a 3.13 ERA in 18 games and 94 strikeouts in 106 ⅓ innings, but ended up with only six wins (three losses) due to poor batting performance. 메이저놀이터

Pressbox Online said, “Unlike previous years, there are not many pitchers in the trading market this year. There are also not many teams that can sell pitchers until one month before the deadline. Among them, the Chicago White Sox are a team that is ready to dispose of valuable resources, and they have interesting starting pitchers named Crochet and right-hander Peddy.”

The more attractive player between Crochet and Peddy was Crochet, who was younger and became a free agent only after the 2026 season. However, Peddy was also expected to pitch stably in the postseason while being a little cheaper.

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