The biggest feature of the Korean national soccer team is the change ahead of the second Group C and 6 rounds of qualifying matches between Singapore (June 6, away) and China (June 11, Seoul World Cup Stadium). As many as seven players have been selected for the first time. Three players who have not played for all different age groups are also included.
Coach Kim Do-hoon, who temporarily took the helm after the Korea Football Association failed to complete the selection process for the post-Clinsman team, said, “Many new faces have joined the team, but existing national team players have the ability to play with any players. We will make sure that new and new structures are well harmonized through thorough tactical preparations.”

Above all, the reorganization of the full-back camp is drawing attention. Of the eight players classified as DF, four are side full-backs, but left full-back Kim Jin-soo (32, Jeonbuk Hyundai) is virtually the only one who has played consistently in the national team. He is an experienced top-class defender who has played in 72 A matches (two goals) even as his team has experienced ups and downs in recent years.

Another left fullback Lee Myung-jae (31, Ulsan HD) also succeeded in making his A-match debut through two consecutive rounds of the second Asian qualifying round against Thailand in March, led by Hwang Sun-hong, the U-23 national team, but it is no different from the new pace.

The change to the right is far greater. While Seol Young-woo (26, Ulsan), who quickly established himself as the starting player, decided to have surgery after suffering chronic dislocation of his shoulder, Kim chose Hwang Jae-won (22, Daegu FC) and Choi Jun (25, FC Seoul) as alternatives. Hwang Jae-won played 21 matches for the U-23 national team, and Choi Jun played 23 matches (three goals) for the U-20 national team to 10 matches (two goals), but he has no experience in A matches. Due to the nature of his position, one of them will make a debut in this A match.

Kim even prepared for “one at a time.” He has selected Park Seung-wook (27, Kimcheon Sangmu), who can be used as a side defender and a central defender. He has not even joined national teams by age groups, and it is a rare case for him to wear the national flag on the A team. He is expected that he will play any role without much confusion. 먹튀검증

When the national team has been convened recently, there has always been a constant worry about the fullback. Before and after the 2022 Qatar World Cup, anxiety was further amplified, and a generational change was pointed out as the first position to take place. There is an inevitable aspect of joining a large number of new faces. International competitiveness at the adult level has not yet been confirmed, but it can be seen as a growing pain that must go through at least once for the next move.

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