Amid the possibility of a trade for Kim Ha-sung (29, San Diego Padres) in the offseason, more than half of the 30 major league clubs are expected to show interest in Kim Ha-sung.

MLB Trade Rumors reported on the 15th (Korea time) that “Many teams are already drawing widespread interest in Kim Ha-sung” in an article titled “Trade Candidate: Kim Ha-sung.”

“Kim Ha-sung has a mutual option in 2025 after receiving an annual salary of $8 million in 2024, but the possibility of implementing the option is slim at the moment,” the media said. “San Diego desperately needs to recruit a starting pitcher because Jackson Merrill, the top prospect in the team, can join the big league in the new season.”

In particular, San Diego wants to “reduce spending” from the “aggressive spending” trend that has continued in recent years. Among them, Kim Ha-sung, who earns a relatively low annual salary of $8 million, is considered a player with high trade flexibility.

The media said, “Kim Ha-sung was disappointing in the rookie season, but since then, he has shown above-average attack, excellent base, and best defense. He also received Gold Glove in the National League utility sector in recognition of his all-round defense capabilities such as second, third, and shortstop,” adding, “Considering this, about half of the league can show interest in Kim Ha-sung.”

“A team that recruits Kim Ha-sung through trade does not necessarily have to think about renewing his contract,” he said, adding, “He is certain to receive a qualifying offer, so even if he moves to the FA, he can receive a draft pick as a reward.”

The media mentioned up to 17 clubs as Kim Ha-sung’s trade candidates. Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City are “small market” teams that deserve low-priced Kim Ha-sung, while Milwaukee, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, LA Angels, Detroit, Chicago Cubs, and Miami are teams that need to reinforce infield.

In addition, Minnesota, Atlanta, New York Yankees, Boston, and Philadelphia are not likely, but they also predicted that Kim Ha-sung may want it.

Among them, Tampa Bay is expected to have a great interest in Kim Ha-sung.

The media said, “Tampa Bay is a candidate for the World Series and is a small market team. There is a possibility that he will ‘go all in’ to recruit Kim Ha-sung.” 마카오토토도메인

However, the possibility of Kim Ha-sung being traded before the opening of the new season was low. As Kim Ha-sung is the central figure of the opening two consecutive games against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Seoul from March 20 to 21, the timing is expected to be after the opening series.

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