Timo Werner (27) talked about how he felt about his return to the Premier League for Tottenham Hotspur.

In an interview with Sky Sports after the 2023-24 English Premier League match against Manchester United at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 15th (Korea time), he was satisfied, saying, “I’m happy to be back in the world’s best league.”

“I’m very happy to be back first,” Werner said, before adding, “It’s really fun to play in the Premier League. As we saw today, it’s the best league in terms of tempo and performance. I enjoyed it a lot. I can train more and get better with my players over the next few days.”

Werner started as a left – flanker in the 4-3-3 formation. The position that was mostly held by Son before the Asian Cup.

After 80 minutes on the ground, Werner had expectations and worries at the same time. He assisted Rodrigo Bentancur in the first minute of the second half when the team was losing 1-2. Werner, who caught the ball in wide space on the left side, drove a defender to pass the ball to Bentancur, who penetrated into half space, and Bentancur finished with a left footed shot. It was a golden assist from Werner, who saved Tottenham from defeat.

Werner actively played on the left side based on his fast speed and wide field of view, bringing creativity to Tottenham’s attack. Then, he found several chances to score, which revealed Werner’s chronic problem with scoring ability. Werner attempted the most five shots among Tottenham players on the day, and only one shot was on target. In particular, when a shot that beat defenders from the left side went wide of the net, most of the respondents said it reminded them of the Chelsea era, which was pointed out as “lack of goal-making ability.”

Werner said, “What the coaches and players have done for me over the past few days has been amazing. I was immediately included. I wanted to play in our stadium.”

Regarding the assist he posted in the game, he continued, “I always want to score as a striker, but if I can assist, that’s good.”

Sky Sports commentator Roy Keane called Werner a good recruit.

Keane said, “It’s definitely difficult to get a top-quality player in January. But I think Werner is a good recruitment for Tottenham. Werner fits Tottenham well. It won’t be the first and last time that he came to England and left after a difficult period and returned as a better and more mature player. But it’s a good contract.”

Werner of Germany started his career with the vfb Stuttgart youth team. In 2013-14, he signed a professional contract with Stuttgart and made his first Bundesliga debut.

Werner, who played for Stuttgart for three seasons, moved to Leipzig RB in the 2016-17 season and continued his career. In the 2019-20 season, he became a leading striker in Europe, ranking second in scoring after Robetro Lewandowski with 28 goals in 34 games.

Werner, who took off his Leipzig jersey and challenged for the Premier League in the 2020-21 season, spent two seasons with Chelsea before returning to Leipzig, Germany, last season.

Werner, who played in 14 Bundesliga games before joining Tottenham in this winter’s transfer market, scored 102 goals and 46 assists in 257 Bundesliga games. 랭크카지노

Werner was often compared to Son when he moved to Chelsea, as he had the same fast speed as Son and was able to play the sides and center. However, Werner had only 10 goals in two seasons with Chelsea, while Son was the top scorer with 23 goals in the 2021-22 season, taking a different path from Werner in the Premier League.

Tottenham officially announced on Wednesday that it has been renting Werner from Leipzig until the end of the season. It is a lease agreement that includes a clause that allows the team to fully recruit Werner at the end of the season while paying Werner’s salary.

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