The fate of Radu Dragusin and Eric Dier has changed.

Dragusin and Dier both moved through the winter transfer window. Dragusin, who played for Genoa, accepted Tottenham Hotspur’s love call and joined Tottenham, while Dier, a Tottenham player, transferred to Munich after accepting Bayern Munich’s offer to reinforce defenders.

He had high expectations for Dragusin. Dragusin was a center back who was recognized for his prowess and potential even in the Italian Serie A league. He was evaluated as having most of the characteristics that a center back needs in modern soccer, as he has observed basic defensive skills and is also frequently involved in building up the back. Tottenham fans expected Dragusin to become a new wall for Tottenham.

On the contrary, expectations for Dyer were not high. Few people thought that Dyer, who was pushed out of the main competition in Tottenham, would be able to play for Munich. Since Dyer has shown almost every game of “horror show” performance at Tottenham, many people doubted Dyer since he was connected with Munich. Many people thought Dyer would return to Tottenham after playing a backup role at Munich.

Contrary to expectations, however, Dragusin has not been given a chance to play for Tottenham, while Dier played full-time for Munich. Dragusin made his debut in a league match against Manchester United right after joining the team, replacing Oliver Skipp at the end of the second half, and it took only five minutes for Dragusin to play on the day. In the match against Manchester City, Dragusin only played on the bench.

Dyer, unlike Dragusin, played for 45 minutes from his debut match. When Dayo Upamecano was injured at the end of the first half in the 1-0 win over Union Berlin, Thomas Tuchel replaced Dyer early in the second half. Dyer was in charge of the team’s scoreless victory with Matthijs Dericht in the first match.

He played full-time in the game against Augsburg today (28th). Dyer last played full-time in the game against Wolverhampton in November last year. At the time, Dyer was criticized for being responsible for Tottenham’s come-from-behind defeat with the worst performance. 라바카지노

It was different in this game. Dyer, who started as a starter, recorded 95 percent pass success rate, eight long pass successful attempts (nine attempts), four clearings, five interceptions, one recovery, one ground race successful (100 percent), and one aerial race successful (100 percent). “Pot Mob,” a soccer statistics magazine, gave Dyer seven points in grading.

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