“Tottenham Hotspur fans will want South Korea to lose to Saudi Arabia on the 31st.” Dan Kilpatrick, a reporter for the British media “Evening Standard,” said Tottenham fans are eager for Son Heung-min’s early return.

Tottenham Hotspur lost 0-1 to Manchester City in the fourth round of the 2023-24 England FA Cup held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, at 5 a.m. on the 27th (Korea time). With the defeat, Tottenham was eliminated from all cup competitions except the league, raising the possibility of no win again this season.

It was a game that could not be easily predicted. Manchester City was ahead in both objective power and recent trends, but Tottenham had the advantage of playing at home. Tottenham’s home game against Manchester City was more than an ordinary home game. When Manchester City comes to Tottenham away, it has become extremely weak. Manchester City lost all of the last five official matches at Tottenham’s home. In addition, Manchester City failed to score a single goal in five games. The situation is humiliating for Manchester City, which boasts of its enormous firepower. Would Pep Guardiola have said that the next goal after Treble is to score a goal away from Tottenham.

Manchester City with a clear goal. As if fully prepared, he led the game away from Tottenham. He was ahead in both “Huscoord” standards, possession and pass success rates, and continued to create opportunities by playing unique build-up football.

However, Tottenham’s defense was solid. As always, Guglielmo Vicario showed a high defense rate today, and defenders such as Mickey Van der Ben, Destiny Udogi, and Christian Romero defended themselves and defended themselves to block Manchester City’s attack. Manchester City attempted a whopping 18 shots but only scored one goal.

Tottenham was solid defensively. If only they had scored a goal by taking advantage of Manchester City’s weaknesses, however, Tottenham could easily solve the game. However, Tottenham had a fatal weakness. There was no player to score a goal. They composed of Hishalisson, Timo Werner, Dejan Kulusevski, and Brennan Johnson, but failed to secure any significant opportunity for all four players. Tottenham only had one shot during the 90-minute period. Even this was blocked by Stefan Ortega’s defense.

Son’s absence was acutely felt. Indeed, Son played a major role in Tottenham’s fifth consecutive home win over Manchester City. Son has appeared like a “Man City killer” by scoring goals in as many as four of the five matches. In the end, the most urgent thing for Tottenham in this match was how to deal with Son’s absence. Manager Enze Postecoglou wanted to replace James Medicine, who had recovered from his “injury,” to end the match, but as a result, only Son’s absence felt even bigger.

Against this backdrop, Tottenham fans are hoping for Son Heung-min’s early return. Dan Kilpatrick, a reporter for the London Evening Standard, said on the 27th (Korean time), “Tottenham Hotspur fans will hope that Korea loses to Saudi Arabia on the 31st.” 월카지노

The reason is simple. We hope that Son’s return will revive Tottenham’s offense. Kilpatrick also explained that Tottenham is facing difficulties as Son Heung-min, a Manchester City killer, participates in the Asian Cup.

The Korean national team, led by captain Son Heung-min, will meet Saudi Arabia in the round of 16 at the Asian Cup. If Korea wins, it could advance to the quarterfinals and advance beyond that, which could further delay Son’s joining. Therefore, Tottenham fans hope for Korea’s defeat.

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