Even a breakup requires courtesy. Kazuki (30, Seoul E-Land) made his final remarks to Suwon Samsung, his former team in the K-League.

Through the summer transfer window, Kazuki left Suwon Samsung and joined E-Land in Seoul. At the same time, Peter, who played for E-Land, moved to Suwon. He relocated his nest to Suwon through a one-on-one trade. E-Land coach Kim Do-kyun put his efforts into recruiting Kazuki. “I am satisfied with Kazuki. I kept wanting the same type as him. When the player was in a bit of conflict (about the transfer), he said he wanted to make a phone call. Kazuki was not thinking about such a transfer. He must have been confused. So, we talked on the phone. When we talked on the phone, he said, ‘He is an essential player for the team. He is the type of player I have always looked for.’

In his new uniform, Kazuki said, “Coach Kim Do-kyun told me that he wanted me. I think it’s an honor to be here in E-Land. I have high expectations. I will play hard to repay you. My goal is promotion.”

He is gradually adjusting to his new life. “I am talking with the players. I think I can get better after playing three to four games. I will play more to contribute to my goal.” After transferring to the club, he played in two consecutive matches of the “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” against the FC Anyang-Ansan Greeners.

The more I get used to E-Land, the more I am concerned about it. This is the part where I couldn’t express my gratitude to my Suwon fans and colleagues properly. “The process of farewell was so sudden. That’s why I couldn’t express my gratitude properly even though there were many people I wanted to say hello to including my teammates.” 메이저사이트

Kazuki seemed to have decided to let him know about the situation. He said, “Suwon made the decision at will and notified me. For me, it was not clear. I thought I should have consulted or contacted him, but he was missing. When I heard that an agreement had already been reached between the clubs, and the manager of Suwon contacted Peter. I didn’t understand that part. This should not happen in the future.”

It was Coach Kim Do-kyun who helped him recover from his pain. “The coach said, ‘I think it can be the last puzzle to win promotion. I hope so.’ I am a player of E-Land. I will play well here and leave a clear result so that I can contribute to his promotion. I will do my best to play for promotion, so I hope fans will fight with me.”

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