Which team will Yang Min-hyuk (Gangwon FC) wear? Kim Byung-ji, CEO of Kangwon FC, left a hint.

On the 27th, it was reported that Yang Min-hyuk’s advance to the English Premier League (EPL) was imminent. “(Yang Min-hyuk’s transfer) was in the process of proceeding. (Already) direction is out, (now) outline is out,” CEO Kim Byung-ji said in a newspaper on the same morning. “The plan was to stay with Yang Min-hyuk until this season. If the transfer fee is about 20 million euros (29.7 billion won), we will send it (right now), but it depends on mutual consultation.”

However, the team did not reveal the name of the team under negotiation. “The EPL Big Club is (the subject of negotiation). Everyone may have different standards for Big Club, but we are a team with a long tradition,” Kim Byung-ji said.

Since then, soccer fans have speculated on Yang’s next destination. Many fans expected West Ham United, but Kim Byung-ji said on the afternoon of the same day through the club’s YouTube Live broadcast, “West Ham is not a big club.” As West Ham was classified as a team other than a big club, Yang was excluded from the list of destinations.

“I understand Man City was also a little interested in (Yang Min-hyuk). I understand Tottenham was interested, and Swansea City was also interested,” CEO Kim Byung-ji said on the broadcast. However, regarding Liverpool, Yang Min-hyuk’s candidate for the next destination seems to have been narrowed down significantly as he said, “Our second son is a favorite team.”

Kim Byung-ji even called Ares Sports CEO Kim Dong-wan, Yang Min-hyuk’s agent, after the broadcast, but did not mention a specific club as an EPL team currently negotiating with Gangwon.

However, CEO Kim Byung-ji said, “Many teams showed positive interest in Yang Min-hyuk. Both the club and the players hope that the negotiations will be completed within July. The team (negotiation team) is a team that always competes at the top.”

Yang Min-hyuk, born in 2006, is a rookie player who signed a semi-professional contract with Gangwon ahead of this season. As soon as he entered the professional league, he displayed the most outstanding performance even in the K-League. He has recorded five goals and three assists in 19 league games, attracting fans’ attention with his outstanding dribbling and witty plays. EPL clubs also showed interest early on by sending scouts to Gangwon Province last month. 스포츠토토

The move to the EPL came to fruition soon. Kang had planned not to let Yang go until this year, but he has a stance that he can send Yang immediately this summer depending on the transfer fee offered by the negotiating team.

CEO Kim Byung-ji expressed his thoughts on the transfer of Yang Min-hyuk in the broadcast.

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