Before they could get started, a loud beeping sounded. They closed their ears. The clock was stuck in a pattern of “traditional songs” that had already been broken.

For a team to succeed, the players, the front office, and the fans must be in harmony. Sadly, only the loyal fans remained silent. The balance of power between the players and the front office has long since been broken. Just change the coach and that’s it. Not one, but two coaches packed their bags in one season. The second coaching change was driven by the “breath” of the players, who had to talk through their sweat. The ‘spring of the water source’ was not there.

That was their downfall. The “pure bloodedness” that refused to change was festering. Worse, they still don’t know where they went wrong. Or, more accurately, they don’t want to know. Samsung’s “one-upmanship” that refused to change could never be revived on the field.

In 2023, the top story in the K League was the “shock relegation” of Suwon Samsung. Suwon was once the “textbook of the K League. It was the top club that everyone aspired to be. After refusing to reform, Suwon’s good fortune was no more. A score of 38.7 out of 100 is the Suwon of today.

In 2012, Sports Chosun became the first Korean media outlet to evaluate a K League club’s ability to operate at the end of the season. We believe that the future cannot be planned without a sober perception of reality. The 2023 operating report card of the 12 K League 1 (1st Division) clubs was released on Friday. In addition to goal achievement, which evaluated the target ranking and final position before the start of the season, the report evaluated the performance and administrative capabilities of the clubs, such as ▶ squad management ability ▶ crowd mobilization ability ▶ fair play ▶ closeness to the home region ▶ ability to utilize foreigners ▶ public relations and marketing ability ▶ financial and investment power ▶ youth system ▶ and expert ratings. With a score of 10 points per item and a total score of 100 points, Sports Chosun’s 10 soccer reporters came up with the maximum number of commitments after a difficult discussion. Three experts (Kim Hyung-bum, Park Moon-sung, and Seo Ho-jung) were also evaluated. 헤라카지노

Suwon also received a failing grade. They were in last place among the 12 teams. Only the ability to mobilize the crowd, thanks to the fans, scored an 8, but there were many scores between 1 and 2 in each category. Goal achievement, squad management, and ability to utilize foreigners were in the 1 range, and the expert rating was “last” at 1.7. PR and marketing capabilities and financial and investment power were also only two points apart.

The founding of Suwon in 1995 was a ‘sensation’. In 1999, the team achieved domestic triumphs (K League, FA Cup, and League Cup). However, the club is now defunct. They’ve been hovering in the lower half of the table for years, and just this year they dropped to the second division. The fans are the biggest disappointment. Suwon fans are known for their “ticket power,” even at away games. This year, 2,447,147 fans attended K League 1 matches. This is the highest single-season attendance since 2018, when paid attendance began. However, with Suwon’s departure, a drop in attendance seems inevitable.

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