Spring has come. Spring is the season for outdoor sports. The K-League Stadium in spring is full of spectators. Spring is also the season of performances and festivals. Performances and festivals take place all over the country. Performances in particular bring joy to many people, but the grass on the soccer field suffers from physical strain. This is because soccer fields are usually used as places for large-scale performances.

There have been many cases in which the ground grass has been damaged since large concerts, raising the eyebrows of soccer fans. More serious than the apparent problem, there is a high risk of deterioration of soccer performance and player injury. In the meantime, I actively agree with and thank singer Lim Young-woong’s concert plan at Seoul World Cup Stadium, which was reported on the 8th.

Lim Young-woong’s agency said, “Unlike ordinary performances where chairs are installed on the ground grass to create seats, Lim Young-woong’s concert does not allow audiences to enter the ground.” The agency explained, “It was designed to minimize damage to the grass by listening to soccer fans and officials concerned about the damage to the grass at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.”

What a relief. Having an auditorium on the ground as a host of a concert is attractive in terms of both the completeness of the concert and attracting audiences. However, singer Lim Young-woong first thought that the venue for the concert was the soccer field and gave consideration. As K-League clubs rent stadiums owned by local governments, they have no choice but to pay attention to the owner, making it difficult for them to speak out. This is why we are grateful for Lim’s consideration. Last year, he made headlines by wearing soccer shoes to protect the grass at a half-time performance at the K-League Stadium.

The value of a product depends on the quality of the production line. The same applies to soccer. Ground grass is one of the key factors in creating a good game. It is understandable that local governments have to increase their utilization rate by attracting performances other than K-League matches that take place around 20 times a year. However, soccer fields must always be optimized for playing soccer. 노래방알바

After learning about Lim Young-woong’s plans, I hope this model will become the standard in all soccer fields in the future. I hope that the success of the singer Lim Young-woong’s concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in May will be the first step for the co-prosperity of the soccer field and the performance stage. Once again, I would like to say this to the performance agencies and local governments. The soccer field is a facility built to play soccer. Lim Young-woong suggested a way to stay faithful to the basics and do as many side projects as possible. Lim Young-woong, he is a true hero in the soccer world.

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