Seoul E-Land FC announced the captain’s team for the 2024 season, which marks its 10th anniversary.

Seoul E-Land FC announced on the 23rd that it has appointed veteran midfielder Kim Young-wook as the captain to lead the team in the 2024 season, and defenders Lee In-jae and Hwang Tae-hyun as vice-captain.

Kim Young-wook, who joined E-Land this year, is a 14-year veteran midfielder who has played in 321 K-League games and scored 22 points and 31 assists since joining the professional league in 2010.

In particular, he won the most help award in K-League 2 in Jeju in 2020, leading to promotion to K-League 1 and Daejeon’s advance to the first division in 2022. He is expected to serve as a preacher for E-Land’s promotion this year, adding to his seasoned play in both offense and defense.

Defenders Lee In-jae and Hwang Tae-hyun, who both celebrated their fourth year together, were appointed as vice captains.

Lee Jae-in is an 187cm tall center back who has played 162 K-League games for seven years since his professional debut in 2017. Based on his accurate passing skills, he played a central role in the E-Land’s rear build-up, playing a total of 25 games last season.

Hwang Tae-hyun, who joined E-Land in the 2021 season through Daegu after his debut in Ansan in 2018, has the advantage of being able to play various positions not only as a full-back but also as a center-back based on his solid defense and active ability to participate in attacks. 업소알바

Captain Kim Young-wook said, “To mark the 10th anniversary of the foundation of this season, the team’s commitment and desire for promotion are very high. As a large number of outstanding players have joined, we will definitely deliver the joy of promotion to the fans who support and show one-team leadership.”

E-Land will start the 2024 season with an away game against Busan on March 3.

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