“‘Sunderland, even if I die,’ of course. Of course I watched it.”
In the new season, Ji Dong-won, 33, who left FC Seoul and joined Suwon FC, brought up the popular documentary story of Netflix. On New Year’s Day, Sunderland fans recall the legendary kiss man case, a theater goal made by Korean striker Ji Dong-won during the 2011-2012 season against Manchester City. That picture always comes to mind on social media. Even if the team drops to the third part, it still remains in the second part of the team. Although he played for only two seasons in the 2011-2012 and 2013-2014, his memories of Korean Ji are strong. There is also a mural of Ji Dong-won at the Sunderland Stadium. “I saw it on YouTube. Won-hee told me to go there too,” Ji said with a smile. “Sunderland is an unforgettable team for making me play in Europe. Thank you so much for still remembering the goal 12 years ago. I want to take my son, Su-ho, with me someday.”

Time flies in the air. They meet again after playing soccer in turns. Ji Dong-won, a former member of Jeonnam Youth, joined Sunderland as the “youngest Premier Leaguer” in 2011 when he was 20, won a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics, and played for Augsburg, Mainz, Darmstadt, and Braunschweig. After 10 years as a European leaguer in 2021, he returned to K League 1 FC Seoul. The past three years have been an ordeal. In 2022, he played in only three games due to surgery on his left knee. “I did not have surgery last year, but I did not have a chance to play until August,” Ji said. It was his first ordeal for Ji, who was never on the list in Europe since he was a young player in Jeonnam. On October 23 last year, he garnered both hands as if apologizing after scoring a desperate header goal for the first time in two years and two months in the match against Gangwon. Thanks to his undaunted efforts, he scored a goal again.

Ji Dong-won announced his trip to Suwon in a surprise move for the new season. He is now having his first meal with Yoon Bit-garam, a genius midfielder who competed for the Rookie of the Year award 14 years ago. “He is a great player then and now. I want to get a lot of help this year,” he said with a smile. 꽁머니

After going to Suwon FC, Ji said, “The truthfulness of coach Kim Eun-joong and general manager Choi Soon-ho, as well as advice from captain Lee Yong. Coach Kim wanted Ji, a veteran who leads by example, to lay the groundwork for Suwon’s culture and future. “Coach Kim made me feel at ease, saying that he wanted me to set an example for young players, and that I just needed to do what I was doing without doing too well,” Ji said. “Coach Kim always talks, listens, and communicates well. Even seniors are very considerate. Now, we only have to repay those trust and consideration.” Ji said, “Young players are influenced by older players. I am not usually a big talker. I just need to show my actions at the training ground, and younger players can do it themselves. There are times when I have to play a villain because I am a senior, but I have a sense of responsibility. If Yong-hyung is the captain, I have to do it.”

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