Osmar, who has been reborn as the wall of the last resort of the Seoul E-Land, expressed satisfaction with his two consecutive wins since the opening of the season and is leading the K-League 2. He also expressed regret for Suwon Samsung, which Osmar thinks is his biggest rival, which he met in K-League 2.

Seoul E-Land, which includes Osmar, won 2-1 against Suwon Samsung in the second round of Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul at 2 p.m. on the 10th. Seoul E-Land defeated Suwon Samsung, which had only one goal by Jeon Jin-woo in the 33rd minute of the second half, thanks to Bruno Silva in the 8th minute of the second half and Cho Dong-jae’s consecutive goals just before the end of the second half.

Seoul E-Land, which won 3-0 in the away game against Busan I-Park in the first round, has also won the match against Suwon Samsung, another candidate for promotion, leading the league with two consecutive wins from the beginning. Seoul E-Land, which has raised expectations that this year will be different, is actually producing a different result than before.

At a meeting with reporters after the Suwon Samsung match on the 10th, Osmar delighted in his team’s success. “I’m very happy. I know we need to improve a lot, but getting good results in this match is a perfect achievement for us,” Osmar said. “Since we beat two strong teams (Busan I’Park, Suwon Samsung) after the opening of the season, I think we will be able to gain some strength in the upcoming match.”

“I tried to make us realize that this game was a ‘big match’ by talking to the players before starting the game in the locker room,” he said, adding that it was a very good test for Seoul E-Land, whose goal is to lead the league, adding meaning to the match against Suwon Samsung.

“Suwon Samsung has been my archrival for the past nine years, so I am happy to win regardless of the uniform I am wearing,” he said. When asked if he was motivated by losing the last super match (lost 0-1 on Nov. 25, 2023), he said, “I can’t remember how many times I won or lost in 40 games over the past nine years. The past is just the past.”

Then, he asked Osmar how he felt about Suwon Samsung that he met in K-League 2. In fact, Seoul E-Land coach Kim Do-kyun said before the game, “There has been no particular change compared to the 2023 season,” and made such a judgment even after his victory. This is a question that we had to ask because Osmar’s view, who had a fierce battle against Suwon Samsung in the pitch, could be more accurate than anyone else.

“I remember that the first year (when I came to Korea) was always very good. But to be honest with you, right now Suwon Samsung seems to have lost their identity,” Osmar said. “I’ve lost a little bit of identity over the past few years, but as you can see, I can still see the fans behind their backs. I’m sure Suwon Samsung will do better in the future, but I think it’s still a process.” 유흥알바

Meanwhile, Osmar said Seoul E-Land, which beat two favorite teams back-to-back after the opening of the season, should produce bigger results based on its confidence. “All players have to have confidence,” Osmar said. “It’s enough to beat the big team. We can improve slowly and become a much better team.”

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