“If you want to save the pitchers, you have to keep framing.”

All teams are on high alert due to changes in the KBO league in the 2024 season, including the “ABS,” the so-called “Robot Judgment,” and the “Pitch Clock,” which requires a pitcher to pitch within a limited time. Amid the prevailing view that the rule is unfavorable to pitchers, catchers are also increasingly concerned. Park Se-hyuk (34), NC Dinosaurs’ manager, expressed concern, but emphasized that the catcher should do what he or she should do.

Park Se-hyuk, who met at Enexfield in Tucson Reed Park in Arizona, where the NC spring camp is in full swing, said, “With the introduction of ABS and pitch clock, catchers who work with pitchers are also concerned,” adding, “I don’t know yet because I haven’t experienced it properly.”

This season, the KBO League is facing upheaval, including the introduction of ABS and pitch clock, as well as the size of the base grows and the number of check balls is limited. In particular, with the introduction of the ABS so-called “robot referee,” there is pessimism that framing, which is an important role for catchers and increases their value, will become meaningless. Rumors say that even in the U.S., which introduced ABS before Korea, there are loud voices of opposition, citing “Framing disappears.”

Park Se-hyuk emphasized his role as a catcher and said that the framing should continue because it is part of the catcher.

“Honestly, I don’t know how the decision will be made at this point. I think it’s part of the game that judges make ball decisions. I think it’s fun and part of baseball because not all 10s and 10s can be done like a computer,” he said. “I don’t know how to make decisions after robots are introduced. I think I’ll have to try it for now.”

Concerned that framing would disappear, Park said, “Framing is very important among what the catcher has to do. It’s a very important role, but it’s a shame that it disappears,” adding, “Still, the catcher needs framing to help the pitcher’s energy and make sure that the pitcher feels ‘good or bad’. We have to keep going.”

This means that even if ABS is introduced, the catcher’s framing is still important. The catcher needs to receive the ball properly so that pitchers can cheer up and cheer up.

He also mentioned Peach Clock. He said that thorough preparation is needed because time fighting, such as signing with a pitcher, is the key. 라바카지노

“We need to prepare for the pitch clock (in preparation for the pitch clock) quickly. We need to get off the bench right after the inning ends right after we hit the batter’s box with two outs,” Park said. “I had time to think about it before, but I don’t think I will have time to do that when the pitch clock is introduced, so I think I need to go to the ground with more confidence.” “I also told the pitchers that we need to prepare faster during the meeting. We talked a lot about that because we can’t have a long autograph,” he added.

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