The Lunar New Year holiday season has already come. However, the new head coach of the Kia Tigers is still unknown.

The KIA team is holding its first spring camp in Canberra, Australia. With all the efforts of the team, the mood has quickly stabilized, and despite the unprecedented absence of a coach, the team is diligently building up its body. The team also conducts its second round of training, and is set to undergo full-fledged technical training.

Chances are 50-50 that a new coach will be appointed during the Australian camp. Kia is narrowing the outline of its new coach by selecting candidates who have comprehensively reviewed personnel appointments inside and outside the country. If it accelerates, the outline of its new coach may be revealed before the end of the Australian camp on July 20. However, it is true that there is never much time given various procedures, including interviews and final settlement of the parent company, and the long holiday period over the weekend.

No matter which coach comes, the preparation period is only about one month. Even if the coach completes the remaining training period and exhibition game schedule, he or she will have to play the opening game of the regular season on March 23. No matter how well-versed in baseball, it is difficult to grasp the team’s and individual characteristics in about a month because the perspective from the inside is bound to change. In terms of promotion of internal personnel, the view from the perspective of “field” and “manager” will inevitably change.

For this reason, most of the coaching staff, including head coach Jin Gap-yong, are expected to remain at Kia regardless of whether they will be appointed or not. The upcoming season is just around the corner. We absolutely need help from those who have coached players at Kia and are currently participating in the preparation and process for the upcoming camp. Usually, a new coach often joins a team with a familiar coaching staff, dubbed the “division,” but chances are high that the new coach will take over as a short-term coach this time.

Kia’s players have a clear framework. It is fair to say that it only needs to decide on the first baseman’s position, which is currently undergoing competition to become the starting pitcher. The batting lineup, considered the strongest in the league, has nowhere to go, and the management of the bullpen pitcher and the pursuit team can also utilize abundant resources while the rotation of the fifth starting pitcher has been established early. However, it is up to the manager to think about the detailed characteristics and how to use them, and Kia currently needs help from its coaches in the process.

It is also important to connect with the Futures (second tier) team. Kia is seeking ways to nurture the team in various fields, including the Hampyeong Pitcher Academy and the use of data. This season is well timed with “WIN NOW,” but the key to this season is how efficiently it will utilize the Futures development resources in the event of accumulation of fatigue and injury. It is practically too much for a manager who joins the team after spending about a month preparing for the season. The coach should not only provide advice from the coaches but also strengthen cooperative relationship with the front desk. 월카지노주소

In the end, Kia needs a coach who can accept what it has made so far and what it is currently carrying out, and melt it into its own color. This is why veteran coaches with rich experience have to be criticized more than novice coaches with no experience. However, Kia intends to bring in a head coach who can reach its goal this season while stabilizing the team as fast as possible without distinguishing between novice and veteran players.

Kia’s current head coach carries significant weight. Both the distribution of players’ power and goal are clear. Given his clear goal, the team might not be able to accept the offer even if he receives an offer. Who will be able to overcome the “weight of the crown” of Kia.

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