Experience leading the national team, achievements as a coach, soccer philosophy pursued as a leader, situation where you can focus on the Korean national team, age.

This is likely to be a major factor in determining the next coach of the Korean men’s soccer team.

Currently, the candidates for the next head coach of the national soccer team are approximately as follows.

They include Javier Aguirre (65) who leads Majorca in Spain, Jesse Marsi (51) who has coached Salzburg and Leeds United, Bruno Raj (48) who served as the head coach of Benfica and Wolverhampton, and Senol Günesch (72) who led the Turkish national team and FC Seoul. These candidates have been named through various news reports. Of course, the KFA has refused to officially confirm the names of the candidates. Some of them may not have been included, or there could be another candidate who has not been named through the media.

In any case, candidates who have been named as half of the arbitrary batters so far can be seen as big names in the international soccer community.

Aguirre coached professional teams in Mexico, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. He also had experience as a coach for Egypt, Japan, and Mexico. However, the duration of coaching for all national teams was short. When he was a member of the Japanese national team, he was dismissed for the first time in half a year due to poor performance and suspicions of game result fixing.

Marcy served as coach in the U.S., Germany and England. He only coached the U.S. national team for a year and a half in 2010. Analysts say that while attacking tactics based on strong pressure are good, he is weak in defense tactics. Variables include his high salary and possibility of moving to another team.

Raj is a Portuguese national team like Paulo Bento. He started as a youth coach, then worked as an assistant coach and then became a coach, taking the leadership step by step. He has also been a professional coach in Portugal, England, the United Arab Emirates and even Brazil. He was appointed Botafogo coach in July last year, but was sacked in three months after recording four wins, seven draws and four losses. He has no experience as a national team coach. 안전놀이터

Günesch placed the Turkish team at the third place at the 2002 World Cup Korea-Japan. Since then, he has served as the head coach of FC Seoul for three years. He also led the Turkish national team (15 wins, 10 draws, and seven losses) once more from 2019 to 2021. Being over 70 years old and lacking experience in big leagues are obstacles.

The Korea Football Association will announce the next coach for the national team within this month. Whichever one you choose is not short. On the contrary, there may be reasons for it. Another person who has not been mentioned so far may be selected in a surprise move. However, what matters is how much the final candidate fits the vision and future that the Korean soccer pursues. When announcing the next coach, the Korea Football Association should provide clear and consistent grounds to the fans who have doubts.

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