Mbappe did not mention Paul Pogba.

British media ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 17th (Korea time), “Kylian Mbappe did not mention Paul Pogba when talking about a great player who was missing from the French national team at Euro 2024.”

France is considered one of the strong favourites for Euro 2024 this summer. France, the winner of the 2018 World Cup, suffered a shock of being eliminated from the round of 16 by Switzerland in Euro 2020, but made it to the finals in the 2022 World Cup but regained its prime by losing to Argentina in a shootout.

France won seven of its eight Euro qualifiers, scoring 29 goals and losing only three goals, lightly passing through the Euro qualifiers. Didier Deschamps received a relatively difficult draw in which one of the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Wales, Finland and Estonia will be in Group D with the winner of the playoff group A.

France’s squad is solid, even considering that a large number of its main players have recently retired. Some of the members of the 2018 World Cup-winning team are no longer available, but have been replaced by a comparable number of players. French captain Kylian Mbappe recently mentioned key players who retired from the French national team in an interview with GQ. However, he did not mention only Paul Pogba.

Mbappe said, “We are one of the most anticipated teams in this tournament, we are well-prepared and confident. We passed the preliminaries well and now our goal is to win. This year we lost very important players and great champions like Lloris and Varane, but in the end our team was unaffected. It shows real cohesion and adaptability.”

Pogba has been a key member of France’s World Cup-winning squad, scoring a crucial third goal to beat Croatia 4-2. The former Manchester United midfielder missed the 2022 World Cup after undergoing knee surgery, but he may never play for France again. 월카지노주소

Late last year, Pogba was rejected by a drug test after DHEA, a supplement that can boost testosterone levels, was detected. Anti-doping prosecutors in Italy have asked for a maximum four-year ban. Pogba, who is 30 this year, is currently awaiting trial, and it is unclear when he will return to the field.

Being forgotten by football fans and being overlooked by his former team-mate are completely different matters.

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