I don’t think I can predict the outcome.

Busan BNK lost five consecutive games. It ranked fifth with four wins and 14 losses. It failed to maintain momentum to advance to the championship game for the 2022-2023 season. Rather, it was pushed out of the playoff bottom line.

Shinhan Bank in Incheon was the lowest with three wins and 14 losses. However, it caught Yongin Samsung Life Insurance in its first game after the All-Star break. And it will challenge BNK to win its first consecutive game of the season.

BNK hit in the second half

[BNK-Shinhan Bank, comparing their recent records] (BNK is ahead)

  1. Two-point shooting success rate: 50% (28/56) – 50% (23/46)
  2. Three-point shooting success rate: 50% (5/10)-24% (6/25)
  3. Free throw success rate: approximately 67% (16/24) – approximately 67% (12/18)
  4. Rebound: 37 (Attack 15)-37 (Attack 17)
  5. Assist: 22-21
  6. Turnover: 5-2
  7. Steel: 1-4
  8. Block shot: 2-3

BNK and Shinhan Bank were in a tight race early in the game. However, BNK only conceded three points during the last five minutes of the first quarter. BNK, which put its defense ahead, finished the first quarter 25-15.
BNK wanted to maintain momentum in the second half of the first quarter. However, BNK could not handle Shinhan Bank’s energy level. The team ended the first half 43-41. It failed to conclude the game quickly.
BNK did not rush. It maintained a similar energy level to Shinhan Bank. It also showed similar speed to Shinhan Bank. Having thought about the basics, BNK ran 63-58.
Kim Han-byul (178 cm, F) showed a lethal move. Second chance point following offensive rebound. Kim Han-byul took out Shinhan Bank’s strength, and BNK, which put forward its lethal move, won 87-76.

a half-game race

[The results of the last 3 games]

  1. 2023.12.28 vs. Asan Woori Bank (Sajik Indoor Stadium, Busan): 56-59 (lost)
  2. 2023.12.31 vs. Cheongju KB (Sajik Indoor Stadium, Busan): 63-74 (lost)
  3. 2024.01.13. vs Bucheon Hana One Q (Sajik Indoor Stadium, Busan): 65-78 (lost)
    [The results of the last 3 games]
  4. 2023.12.24 vs. Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (Incheon Dowon Gymnasium): 69-65 (win)
  5. 2023.12.29 vs. Cheongju KB (Cheongju Gymnasium): 44-54 (lost)
  6. 2024.01.15. vs. Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (Yongin Indoor Stadium): 43-35 (win)

As mentioned above, BNK fell into a pretty long losing streak. It was understood that they lost to strong teams such as Asan Woori Bank and Cheongju KB, but they also lost to Bucheon Hana One Q, which has to compete for the playoffs. It was quite fatal. 라바카지노주소
On the other hand, Shinhan did not have a bad performance before and after the All-Star break. It has won two games in its last three games. It has won against top-ranked Samsung Life Insurance both times. So, the mood at Shinhan Bank drastically increased.
For that reason, the difference between BNK and Shinhan Bank has narrowed significantly. Therefore, BNK and Shinhan Bank may be fiercer.
In addition, there is no reason for both teams to back down. This is because BNK has a powerful lineup of key players called Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, Jinan, and Kim Han-byeol, while Shinhan Bank has formidable colors of “speed” and “activity.”

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