Rodgers, who claimed that Yang Hyun-joon’s decision to leave was a misjudgment, will be disciplined.

Britain’s “BBC” reported on March 29 (Korea Standard Time) that “Celtic coach Brandon Rogers was banned from accessing the touchline for two games.”

Rodgers insisted that Yang Hyun-joon’s exit was a misjudgment in the league game against Hearts in February, criticizing that the referee was incompetent and the game management was poor.

In the game at that time, Yang Hyun-joon picked the ball and raised his foot high around the 15th minute of the first half, threatening the opponent’s face. The referee took out the yellow card, but the decision was changed to exit after VAR review.

“This is a clear case that people who oppose VAR will bring up. Today’s game was run by a referee outside the stadium,” Rodgers once criticized. 고소득알바

The Celtic club appealed against Yang Hyun-joon’s decision to leave, but it was not accepted, and Rodgers, who criticized the referee, was also subject to disciplinary action.

Rodgers’ penalty will be applied in installments. One game will be applied to a weekend league game against Livingston, which will be played immediately. The other game will be applied within this season.

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