It is predicted that Shavi Alonso, who was interested in his future next season, will remain at Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

The Athletic, a global sports media outlet, reported on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that “Liverpool and Bayern Munich expect Alonso to remain at Leverkusen after this season.”

Alonso is one of the most sought-after coaches in the European leagues. In the second year since his debut as a professional coach, he has displayed his own tactics and is producing achievements. Leverkusen is leading the German Bundesliga with 22 wins and four draws, and is 10 points ahead of Bayern, which is ranking second with 11 consecutive wins in the league. Including his Cup record, he is still undefeated in this season.

Given that Alonso made a splash, it was natural for him to draw attention. It was not easy for most teams to propose, and Liverpool and Bayern, which had ties with their former teams during their playing days, have emerged as likely candidates for the next destination. Liverpool had Jurgen Klopp and Bayern had Thomas Tuchel resign after the end of the season, so Alonso wanted to be the next coach. 여우알바

However, even Liverpool and Bayern are finding it difficult to recruit Alonso. “It will be difficult, if not impossible,” said Uli Hönes, Bayern’s honorary chairman who publicly showed interest in Alonso. Alonso would have a strong desire to remain with Leverkusen. He wouldn’t want to leave behind a team that is enjoying a successful season together. It would be easier to recruit him after two or three seasons.” The Athletic said Liverpool is also aware that Alonso is likely to stay in the team for now. Alonso signed a contract through 2026 ahead of this season.

As Alonso’s appointment is nearing failure, attention is shifting to the next candidates. Liverpool will be connected to Sporting Director Huweng Amoring and Brighton & Hove Albion. Bayern is also considering Dezerbi. Ralf Rangnick, who served as Manchester United’s short-term manager and is currently leading the Austrian team, is also reportedly a candidate.

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