The salary for the 2023 season of NC Park Gun-woo (33), who kicked off the dignity of a professional and whose disciplinary action was canceled, will be reduced. 

On the 3rd, when there was no baseball, NC coach Kang In-kwon suddenly excluded outfielder Park Kun-woo from the first-team entry. There were no injuries or sluggishness. In a phone call with OSEN, an NC official said, “I checked the player’s physical condition, but it was not an injury.” was

On the 4th, the reason for Park Kun-woo’s cancellation was finally revealed. In the pre-official briefing, coach Kang said, “Everyone will be curious, but I hope I don’t over-interpret it.” He just thinks that as a senior, he has not only skills but also virtues to possess. As he said while becoming a manager, he has a direction that he does not want to deviate from the original team. I felt a lot of regret for Park Gun-woo in that part.”

Park Kun-woo’s expungement is interpreted as disciplinary. In a difficult situation with the team recording 2 wins and 8 losses in 10 games, it is said that the command tower took out a knife for selfishness that prioritized individuals rather than teams. It is the result of Park Gun-woo’s actions that are not appropriate for Kang In-kwon’s baseball team, which emphasizes teamwork more than anyone else. 

With the expungement of the reprimand, Park Kun-woo’s annual salary reduction also became inevitable. Article 73 of the 2023 KBO Rules [Increase and decrease in annual salary] ② stipulates that if a player with an annual salary of 300 million won or more is not registered as an active player of the club, the club will reduce the annual salary of the player in accordance with the following standards. there is. Among them, Article 1 states that if a player is unable to register as an active player due to reasons attributable to the player, such as poor performance, the amount obtained by multiplying 50% of 1/300 of the player’s annual salary by the number of days not registered as an active player will be deducted from the player’s annual salary. 

Prior to the 2022 season, Park Kun-woo, who signed a free agent contract with NC for a total of 10 billion won (4 billion down payment, 5.4 billion won in annual salary, and 600 million won in incentives) for 6 years, has an annual salary of 900 million won for the 2023 season. According to the calculations specified in the KBO rules, Park Kun-woo will lose an annual salary of at least 15 million won (1.5 million won X 10 days). Athletes whose registration has been canceled can apply for re-registration from the day 10 days have elapsed since the fact of cancellation was announced. 오래된 토토사이트

If so, can Park Kun-woo return to the 1st team stage after completing 10 days? Director Kang said, “It is not for me to judge whether Park Kun-woo can rise straight to the first team. The coaches of Team C will watch the training and games and report back. Also, according to the briefing, “I will listen to what the players on our team are thinking and make a decision.” In that case, he has to accept an annual salary cut of more than 15 million won. 

Meanwhile, in June 2021, when he was in Doosan, Park Gun-woo was also canceled from the first group due to the loss of work. Manager Kim Tae-hyeong, who was Doosan’s command tower at the time, told reporters, “Park Kun-woo was tired and wanted to rest, so he told me to go to the 2nd Army and rest well. Baseball is a team sport, so if the atmosphere goes wrong as a player, you have to make a decision. That is the role of the coach, and that decision is needed now,” he publicly reprimanded the player, and Park Kun-woo, who received an annual salary of 480 million won, suffered a loss of at least 8 million won (800,000 won X 10 days). 

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