If the San Diego Padres had good grades,메이저사이트 would Ha-seong Kim (28) be an All-Star? 

San Diego has only two players selected as All-Stars, closer Josh Hader and outfielder Juan Soto. The starting fielder is selected by fan vote, but the pitcher and alternate fielder are made by team voting and commissioner recommendation. San Diego, which failed to pick one in the fan vote, was content to produce two All-Stars. 

Considering the composition of a San Diego team overflowing with star players, two all-stars feel few. San Diego manager Bob Melvin felt the same way. According to San Diego’s official club blog on the 4th (Korean time), coach Melvin expressed regret, saying, “More players could have become All-Stars.” 

Manager Melvin said, “Fernando Tatis Jr. performed well without playing his first 20 games (due to a prohibited drug suspension). Michael Wakado’s stats show how well he did. Ha-seong Kim and Blake Snell were also fantastic.” 

Tatis had a batting average of .286 in 65 games (78 hits in 273 bats), 16 homers, 44 RBIs, 14 steals, OPS .881, and Kim Ha-seong had a batting average of .257 li (67 hits in 261 bats) in 81 games, 10 homers, 31 RBIs, 13 steals. He is recording an OPS of .757. As a second baseman, Kim Ha-seong, who has a high contribution to defense, is ranked 5th overall in the major leagues in this category with a bWAR of 3.9. 

On the pitcher side, Waka is recording 15 games (85⅔ innings) with an average ERA of 2.84 and 73 strikeouts, and Snell is recording 17 games (92 innings) with an average ERA of 3.03 and 121 strikeouts. Side by side, the National League ERA ranks 5th and 6th, making good results. 

There are many players who could go to the All-Stars, but coach Melvin thinks that the performance of the team had an impact. “Every player deserves to be an All-Star, including Tatis, but I think it has to do with team standings,” he said. You can tell by looking at how much of a player he has become with the Atlanta Braves. The same goes for the Texas Rangers.” 

Atlanta, which is running 57-27 and leads the major league overall winning percentage (.679), has the most eight players (Ronald Acuna Jr., Sean Murphy, Orlando Arcia, Spencer Strider, Bryce Elder, Matt Olsen, Azi Albis, Austin Reilly). The players were voted all-stars. Texas, which is promoting as the No. 1 in the American League West (50-35, .588 odds), is also following with six All-Stars (Jona Haim, Marcus Simian, Corey Seager, Josh Young, Nathan Eboldi, and Adollis Garcia). . 

On the other hand, San Diego is only 4th in the National League West with 39 wins and 46 losses (.459 win rate). Although he was considered a strong candidate for the World Series championship before the season, he has reached a situation where fall baseball cannot be guaranteed due to his performance below expectations. The poor performance of the team was also reflected in the All-Star fan and player voting. 

Manager Melvin said, “Every year we talk about players who deserve to be selected as All-Stars. Some of the players I lobbied for didn’t make it to the All-Stars. It’s the same this year,” he regretted.

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